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  1. kick his ass Clowe. little blindside hit there. was it legal? yeah maybe, but still shouldn't have gone unanswered.
  2. guys, seriously!? losing to the worst team in the league?! we should be pounding them into the ice!
  3. GOT IT RIGHT BACK! god I hate that piped-in chant.
  4. kind of a rip. 3 Rangers, and Quick as a goalie pick!? Quick hasn't played much this season
  5. right, that was idiotic... but the whole discussion is just a circle jerk. Too many people are hardliners one way or another...
  6. that's the problem when you try to make the gameday experience "family friendly" next there will be an assault on all the "violence" in the game, parents will complain it's encouraging their kids to hit each other.
  7. could be worse, every shot could be a "Sharp-angle" shot
  8. remember when Sherry Ross called a game?
  9. The flagship station for New Jersey Devils hockey -except when a basketball game is on, then it's 113-0 Love that place, Rockaway is actually closer to me but I'm sure it's packed today and/or tomorrow. Superbowl's going to be nuts there. They just opened in Parsippany too
  10. we're a playoff team, just need to start playing like one. can't be tanking games to teams we should beat *cough*Ducks*cough*Penguins
  11. it's as bad as spraying snow on the opposing goalie, slapping his pads for a rebound when he's got it or tapping a puck back in their goal when you already just scored. rubbing it in looking for reaction.
  12. another game we get ripped off by this ridiculous skills competition...really, what's so bad about ties?
  13. HENRIQUE! BOUT DAMN TIME! these guys shouldn't be that hard to score on! Not with the guys we have
  14. bout damn time we get a power play, after that BS on Travis giving the blue jagoffs a 5-on-3!
  15. seriously? I step out of the room for a minute and we get scored on?! playing Columbus!? Christmas break is over boys, get your heads in the game!
  16. I always hate when they use the Statue of Liberty, it's on the Jersey side of the harbor and it's a shared thing (NY "claims" the statue itself, but the island is claimed by NJ) so one team using it over another I think isn't really right. Though there was a shirt a few years back I saw that illustrated it. something like "This is where she stands" or something with a map on the back and she was wearing devils colors. good Ranger trolling shirt
  17. I just wish the Penguins weren't always involved in these games. But I guess that's why I like the idea of more games this year, give someone else a chance besides the (ugh) Original 6 (which means nothing but a historical marker these days) and teams with players that have household names. I know it's a big cash in event but still, that's why small markets are small, not only because of the amount of potential fans, but because of how little the league seems to care about the team.
  18. are you fvcking kidding me with that goal?
  19. I'd be surprised if our stadium jersey look any different than the throwbacks they've used for the past couple retro nights. Lou is such a stick in the mud when it comes to something like that, I'm sure he had many a fight with Bettman & Co over the chrome stuff. I mean yeah tradition and all, but come on, eventually you have to concede something to modern times, even if not completely. And it's not like this would be something worn for anything other than this game.
  20. well I wouldn't be suing MSG, but those who were in the fight that got her injured. They would be more directly responsible
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