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  1. Paul MacLean needs to shave that caterpillar on his upper lip. He looks like Wilford Brimley DIABEETUS Good non-call, finally we get one in our favor that doesn't cost us a goal
  2. so it's douchey to be original and not have to have an actual player's name on your jersey? since when!? You're original and not just one of the herd buying another Brodeur jersey or like when we had Kovalchuk or Parise jumping on that bandwagon... I'd wear it! My sister actually just got her bf one with his last name on it, though she picked #9 (should have picked a number that isn't used by a real player) I've seen plenty of people at games with what is obviously their last name on the name plate and a number of their choice. It's not douchey and it's not a "Jersey Foul" despite what Puck Daddy might say. A true foul is having an incorrect number for a player, a jersey for a player your team never had (or never will) or some idiotic nickname. (I will make an exception for one I saw made up to honor Lou though, had "LAMORIELLO" on the nameplate and a $ for the number. How you get a $ like that idk, but it was original)
  3. a penalty for that? what a load of crap
  4. umm, frozen puck? 3rd time we've been screwed over by a ref lately
  5. :lock: :lock: it just looks like a trolling thread looking for people to comment on a rant that goes nowhere and just going to be pretty much a circlejerk
  6. um, holy no interference call. big time. another way the ref fvcks us over definitely should have been a penalty. I don't know what the ref thinks in his defense of not calling one...that was as obvious as they come
  7. yeah, this is bullsh!t. No reason to not beat the blue jagoffs
  8. jesus, all three of those goals were preventable. can't believe they're scoring on that garbage
  9. how do these keep getting through!? why didn't someone just try and at least ice it on a tie up?
  10. how the hell did that get through marty!?
  11. 880 Radio? wow, did WFAN not want to cover this one or something?
  12. I don't see any evidence of a kicking motion at all. The only thing Cam is doing is a classic stop skating move. There's no way he could move his foot to kick, his weight is on his skates grinding into the ice to stop himself. eventually he does wipe out. That's a textbook scenario where it CAN go in off a skate.
  13. if no one else, please beat these scumbags tonight. We are a much better team than the blue skirts. Let's go out there and prove it. Embarrass them in their "updated" building
  14. refs make good calls tonight please...no epic fails like last night
  15. IE has gotten better with 10 and 11, not a real fan of chrome. I mainly use firefox though. I'm used to it and since I do some web designing, I like using the integrated tools. IE has the "F12 developer tools" but it does work the same way. One FF feature I like is to be able to right click on something, select "inspect element" and see the styling information if I'm not sure how it was done.
  16. That ref better hope fans don't find his car. He better get disciplinary action by the league. That was clearly a guess call and not based on reality. The ref was completely wrong on that play, and he cost us a goal. you can blame that one on the ref.
  17. it's what happens when they over-promote a new player. They make him look like a hockey god and the messiah the team is looking for and the fans buy into it. Then of course they're let down if he has a bad streak...
  18. http://www.nj.com/devils/index.ssf/2013/12/devils_recall_tim_sestito_from_albany_ahl_put_adam_larsson_on_ir.html
  19. judging by their jerseys they're more like the Carolina Tropical Storms tonight...
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