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  1. yeah but it should be our motto painted on the rock. "Rangers Suck". these guys may be drunk and obnoxious, but at least they are enthusiastic, which seems to be lacking too much from the rest of the crowd. we need to be the arena other teams dread to enter
  2. sounds like typical ranjerks fans. i wish just for a while though they'd stop over-promoting the rangers and for that matter stop over-glorifying the original six. yes, they are historic, yes they had great players, but it sounds like anything special the league does centers around those 6 teams. They're the ones getting promoted in other countries with exhibition games, not teams that are better today, they're the teams on half of the commercials, you rarely see someone else besides crosby, ovechkin malkin, etc. i never see a devil getting endorsements, we never get considered for a foreign e
  3. i dunno, i kinda wish they did have a third jersey and get rid of number restrictions. it's just kind of annoying we're the only team left that does that. i know the tradition and all, but still
  4. yeah he's sitting clemmer cause i mean unless we have a total meltdown (which we've been known to do...atlanta) we should beat the islanders without too much difficulty. they better not take them too lightly though and blow a game
  5. i still like the devils jersey i saw once. customized name with Lou's name and $$ for the numbers! lol
  6. of course he isn't saying that. but it does seem like we always have to work much harder than the big name teams to get recognition outside the fanbase. we don't have the name that EVERYBODY knows when they think of hockey
  7. could try that devils ticket exchange thing on their website, see if anyone wants to buy them
  8. the league realizes we are a good team and have been for a while and are refusing to legitimize us because we're not a marquee team like detroit, pittsburgh, the ranjerks, etc. We're just not a household name and the rest of the world doesn't recognize us, so the league is trying to suppress us. Sooner or later they're going to have to give us some respect. we're getting the publicity now
  9. ok so apparently it's been a rule all the time just never called. if you get chased from a face-off and so does the guy who takes over for you, your team gets 2 mins for face-off violation!? wtf?
  10. yeah their 3rd you never see them wear anymore with the statue of liberty that's in NY harbor, but on the JERSEY side of the border!
  11. ha! they wanna try that loser again. all right, let's see what other new rules the NHL puts in against him. He's already got one for being an ass in front of the goalie.
  12. Legion15

    F**king NHL & MSG

    yeah and cablevision or "io" is not available everywhere, if i were to go to cable our only option is comcast. i have directv and don't have the hd package anyway but yes it pisses me off that you couldn't get it even if you want it. they shouldn't have the rights to restrict the broadcast to a select few to try and extort people to their service. it unethical. like hanging this service right in front of you and then yanking it away by saying they don't offer it in your area.
  13. better he went straight there than going all the way back here then the next day going back up to canada. saves jet fuel. aren't we supposed to conserve these days?
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