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  1. "Whatever we can play that nobody can make a chant for" probably.
  2. Saw this on HF and the response given is actually my feelings as well... If the new owners really think a hockey game will ever be a completely "family friendly" environment, with "please" and "thank you" and mutual respect between opposing fans, they are seriously mistaken. Quote: Originally Posted by njdevil26 100% seriously, if any Diablos are observed saying you suck or Rangers suck or anything with any kind of vulgar words... we get tosses and our whole season of tickets is cancelled. If they really follow through with that then they are opening up one of the biggest cans of worms I have ever seen. They are doing everything so ass backwards, its hysterical. If they really want people to sit in there seats peacefully like there Gandhi or only want them to participate in cheesy "Lets Go Devils" type chants then they are absolutely clueless when it comes to hockey atmospheres. ------------------------------------------ This too, especially the last sentence: The volatility of a STH base is very highly dependent on the success of any team. So by strength I pretty much just mean number. All things considered, 12k STH is far more than what Hugh had to work with in New Orleans. He was working with 5-6k. He was in a situation where he had to resort to walking down the streets and asking businesses to buy tickets. The Devils are not at that stage. He forged a family-friendly and community atmosphere by using the Hurricane, community, unity as a battle cry. It worked. It FIT New Orleans. That model does NOT fit New Jersey. Yes Sandy was awful but it's not the same here. Nowhere near the same. So why is this guy using the same model, practically, for an organization with far more stability than a team who could have moved very literally the following year? If your job is to "build a fan base" and you derp your way around a goal song and learn that 90% of the fans want it, why are you going to piss off 90% of your fans? THE MERITS OF WHETHER OR NOT IT'S ADMIRABLE OR STUPID FOR PEOPLE TO DROP TICKETS ASIDE. If people are mad, threatening to leave, if your team is awful - why in the world are you forcing the issue? He's not doing his job. His job isn't PC police. It's to increase our fan base. He should be going to colleges in NJ and bringing NJ and the cheerleaders, handing out vouchers. He should be going to Rutgers football games, concerts in the area, sponsoring charities and walks targeted at the youth (you know, the people who will pay the bills in 3-4 years). You have to adapt to your situation. Know your demographic. Hockey IS NOT a family-friendly sport.
  3. Elias back tonight. It was food poisoning? man he's had bad luck with food lol
  4. win tonight, I'll be sitting in Section 3...would like to see some goals! My view will be pretty close to this... Make it worth the price of tickets, please....
  5. oh, so this stupid "faceoff violation" again... another dumb rule they invented. Zubrus simply lost his footing...
  6. THIS x1000 Yes, it's one thing to worry about how our team is doing, but we're allowed to talk about what's bugging us about other teams and subjects. also...I seriously doubt it's a "small minority" of fans who care about the goal song. Not every member of the fan base is represented on this or any other online discussion board. If it really was a tiny minority then why was the chant or the booing about the Bon Jovi song so obvious. If it was only the amount of people that would have filled a section or two in the stands, they would have easily been drowned out. It isn't just the Diablos that start chants or participate in them if that's what you're getting at.
  7. Actually just sent off a thought out and polite, but strongly worded email to their "Game Experience" group today. Just stating my feelings on the song matter, why it seems they chose to deviate from RnR2 and the tone that public letter to the fans set. Sounds like I got a response in the form of a call back on voicemail but I'm not really interested in discussing it with them. I said my peace and that's that. I know any argument I give them is just going to be beating a horse with them when they've already made up their mind to start this "crackdown" on language used in the stands and I won't get anywhere with them. Maybe when they start implementing whatever they have planned and it pisses off enough people they'll realize they should just back off and stop trying to tell everyone what to say or do. I'm fine with change as long as it's for the right reasons, but it seems the reasons the management is choosing are a little absurd. They care more about the uptight parents' and their kids hearing an occasional bit of adult language than the vast majority of fans who just like to let loose and have a good time. I have never been advocating the guy who every other word out of his mouth is a swear, or someone being obnoxious for the sake of being obnoxious to other fans, but there's nothing wrong with joining a silly chant more than half the arena is joining in, or when an idiot Ranger or Flyer fan gets escorted out for trying to start a fight joining in the "a$$hole" jeer, or whatever. As long as it doesn't get out of hand and doesn't lead to violence or just doing something solely to get a rise out of someone else, there's no need for crackdowns and strict enforcement of conduct rules and all that. Even the whistle tune is fine. If you don't like it, don't participate, nobody's asking you to and no one is going to think less of you if you choose not to. Going around calling it "classless" and "degrading to the fanbase" and "embarrasing" just annoys people the same way those who do this kind of thing annoy you. it goes both ways see this way of thinking I can understand and respect...
  8. Legion15


    Had the Stone Coconut in a bottle I found by chance at a Bourbon Street in Lebanon, Hunterdon County off rt 22. It was great as an IPA but I couldn't pick up any coconut flavor
  9. Giants will find a way to screw up...the O-line sucks
  10. wonder how Marty is really taking this, not what he says for soundbytes...is he finally coming to terms with the fact he isn't Super Goalie anymore?
  11. hey anytime we make the Rangers look like the chumps they are, I'm happy with it, I don't care if it's an intense game or not
  12. Again, can't see the hate toward that chant... sure is it a little silly chanting it when we're down by 3 and just finally scored one, yes, but when you're dominating, why not? Unfortunately, due to the fact they can still fit "You Suck" in, I'll be surprised to see this one make it to becoming the final goal song. The butthurt owners are too much of a bunch of Political Correctness Nazis
  13. ugh, Hockey night live, saying "You can't take Kovalchuk, Parise and Clarkson out of the mix and expect to be the same team..." ok, you're part right... We're a better team not having those sellouts. They were NOT our entire team and it annoys me to no end when people talk like losing any or all of them was decimating to our team!
  14. ugh EJ Hradek can't pronounce Lok-ti-on-ov...
  15. The point of it is to taunt the other team and their fans. It's what they get for coming to our building. Leave the "sportsmanship" to the players. nothing says we fans need to be nicey-nice
  16. Where's your crown, King NOTHING!?
  17. wow, a penalty for "faceoff violation"? ok, we'll take it...
  18. yeah, still think that was an unnecessary hit on Salvador. Didn't need to happen...
  19. isn't there a football team that uses it? I wanna say Baltimore Ravens...
  20. eh, just a bunch of "ohhh"s which is what I'm sure the establishment wants...
  21. Zuccarello is Norwegian!!? sounds like an Italian name to me...
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