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  1. Anyone else think Dubinsky should get suspended for that crosscheck to the head after the first goal?

    1. Pepperkorn


      history will be made...

  2. Starship Troopers is amazing because it's pretty much Starcraft the movie, minus the Protoss

  3. Lou should try out Miroslav Satan as a try out for training camp. Have him play a preseason game with the number 6, with Greene scratched for that game. Then Devils fans can legit buy Satan 666 jerseys.

  4. Ovechkin was at the Nets game last night...It was russian party night or something

    1. Pepperkorn


      Ovechkin = so not cute -- yes o-o-g-l-y

  5. What's on your mind?Do you have crazy graphic design skills? Submit your entry for our new New Jersey Devils Mission Control Center. http://ow.ly/3xzzG

  6. needs tickets for tonights game (cheaply)

    1. Dead


      Good luck! I know tickets in the 100's have been seeling for -/+ $200 each.

  7. If anyone listens to metal...the members of God Forbid were in my section tonight.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Allthegoodnamesweretaken


      I listen to metal. Never heard of them.

    3. thefiestygoat


      awesome nj metal band...speaking of nj metal anyone listen to 40 below summer? their re-union show at starland awhile back was sick!

    4. Allthegoodnamesweretaken


      Now I know why I never heard of them. Metalcore = sh!t. Best NJ metal band is Overkill. Fact.

  8. scanned tickets at the Verizon Tower. Then got stuck in the elevator and saw Anssi Salmela. Didn't talk to him though since there was another fan in there and didnt want her to try to ask for his autograph

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. ThreeCups


      A. What makes you think that the other "fan" would have asked him for an auto? B. Why would you care if the person asked him? And lastly, C. Do you think Salmela HIMSELF would have cared if someone asked him for an autograph?

    3. trailblazer


      I wouldn't want his auto

    4. SS-SS


      Except for Sean Avery...I take any other players autograph

  9. have another blueberry donut!

  10. Worked sections 111,112, 211, 212, 213 tonight. Had a bunch of loud fans come to me during the shootout to celebrate ha

  11. I wish all hockey fans would come together and vote in random players into the allstar balloting, leaving crosby and ovechkin out. That would bring lolz.

    1. thefiestygoat


      Vote for Rory Fitzpatrick!!!! Too bad he isn't in the league anymore.

  12. Black Friday deal, spend $1,000 on devils tickets and get a $500 voucher for other prudential center events. This is worth it.

  13. Nets games play more metal than Devils games...WTH

    1. pattyelias


      for example? the only metal i can think of at devil games is iron maiden - wasted years and ozzy - crazy train.

    2. estreetcrew3


      yeah right Twisted Sister!!! Hah

  14. I hope I wasn't the only one watching the Devils 03 game 7...Yeah I'm lookin at you the entire Devils team and coaching staff.

  15. I saw Jim Dowd outside the practice rink after the game last night watching some kids practicing.

  16. Someone today showed me their ticket which they printed out via email. The "To Sender" name was Barak Obama. I had a good laugh at that one.

  17. prepare for a loss tonight

  18. I decided I'm going to direct my blame at Tallinder and Tallinder only.

  19. If Neidermayer is retired, should Brylin be retired to? Keep up with the whole 3cup theme?

    1. grcenter47


      i would like to see neidermayer and brylin's number retired but i dont see brylin's number happening anytime soon

  20. Working Nets games is so boring..

    1. Demonic26


      haha i was there. it was pretty fun.. better than going to devils games right now

  21. Pelley is tougher than Volchenkov

    1. NJDevs4978


      No he's not...Volchenkov either has a broken orbital bone or a concussion that we're hiding

    2. Dead


      or both. Volchenkov's shot to the face was harder

  22. I love Taormina

    1. MantaRay


      Me too. I grabbed in as my last pick in my fantasy hockey $ league and looking great

  23. Miroslav Satan's name in Slavak is Saatanan Saatana.

    1. DevilMinder


      We heard you the first time

    2. Scottie2Hottie


      (coming from years of experience) Saatana is Finnish not Slovak

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