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  1. Yea I don't like it. Why not just put the red carpet on the main concourse instead?
  2. Glad we got him and Noesen re-signed. Too bad we didn't keep Gibbons. They were like the new better CBGB.
  3. Bratt already hit his sophmore slump in the middle of the season
  4. Lightning > Devils Maple Leafs > Bruins Capitals > Blue Jackets Penguins > Flyers Predators > Avalanche Jets > Wild Golden Knights > Kings Ducks > Sharks . Maple Leafs > Lightning Penguins > Capitals Predators > Jets Ducks > Golden Knights . Penguins > Maple Leafs Ducks > Predators . Penguins > Ducks
  5. I've always liked Grabner since he was on the island. I wouldn't mind seeing Hall-Hischier-Grabner just for the speed and then pair Grabner-Coleman on the pk for all the shorties.
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong but I didn't see any signal from Greene letting Wood know which player to go to. Wood went for the player with the puck and Greene should have cut off the pass but also went more for the puck carrier. Or Green should have motioned to Wood to have him go block the pass and Greene could have stepped up on the puck carrier. I always see the D point to the player for the other guy to cover. Didn't happen on this play. I love Greene but he screwed up on that play.
  7. I feel like Zajac makes the Devils a worse team. Whenever he comes back from whatever injury we play worse. I feel this year when Boyle came in we went from being a super scoring team to a high level team, and now with zajac we are just a normal team. The chemistry at the beginning of the year was amazing. Too bad we couldn't trade Zajac instead of Henrique.
  8. Hey I'm going to piggy-back this thread, I'm trying to sell 2 tickets for tonight. Section 231, $50 each.
  9. Would anyone be interested in 2 tickets to tonights game? I might not be able to make it. Section 231, 50 bucks each.
  10. I wouldn't say scratch and claw, they lost games 1 and 2 in overtime.
  11. If we are basing this on yesterdays lines: Hall-Hischier-Stafford Johansson-Henrique-Palmieri Gibbons-Zacha-Bratt Wood-Coleman-Noesen I would change it to: Hall-Zajac-Palmieri Johansson-Hischier-Stafford Henrique-Zacha-Bratt Wood-Coleman-Gibbons First line has chemistry from last year. Stafford and Hischier seem to click together. It would be smarter to play Henrique at Wing since he can play there plus Hischier and Zacha would benefit from the extended centering. Henrique started the season as 3 line center so 3rd line winger isn't too far off. He has been one of our best players so maybe swap him and Johansson. Scratch Noesen
  12. I bought the 12 game partial plan a few weeks back and still don't have my tickets. When I log into the ticketmaster membership page it says my tickets are there for mobile entry but nothing shows up to scan them or even a printing option. Are my tickets lost in limbo? Anyone else having this problem?
  13. Agreed, I felt he was our best skater since Neidermeyer
  14. I think Preds win easy if Fluery gets the net back. If Murray stays in it will be an interesting series. Fluery is garbage compared to Murray.
  15. I think it's because Bettman once said that every team in the league will have a chance to play in the Winter Classic against the Penguins but the Penguins aren't in this one. I don't know what's going on anymore...
  16. Irony, calling someone a moron and spelling hear as here.
  17. They should have made 334 jackets
  18. From this point on, the chant is now "Rangers Suck, Flyers Wallow!" Anything else is wrong and the perpetrator shall be punished with a series of Shame chants.
  19. My brother asked (we were trying to be as nice as possible since we were sitting at the same table until he called everyone pussies then I didn't care and went on the offensive) and they said because everyone knows them and they're trending on twitter. They kept telling us we need to be on twitter so we can see how they're trending. Apparantly there's a facebook petition right now to ban them from the arena haha. He has a marty signature tattoo on his wrist with #30. A really nice Devils logo on his arm and then the fvcking arena GPS coordinate on his forearm which I mocked him about. I asked if he would forget where it is.
  20. Excuse me? Who do you think you are talking about like that!? Don't you know who they are!? THEY'RE TRENDING!!!! How dare you degrade our model fans!
  21. I had the misfortune of sitting with the Kinkaid couple during this game. I was sitting at the section 13 tables with them. He was sh!t faced. They told me and my brother that they were the kinkaid couple and were surprised we never heard of them. They told us to look them up on Twitter because they were trending. My brother told them he doesn't have twitter because he's an adult and has adult things to do. I don't have twitter either but i searched the hashtag on instagram and only saw 1 post. They kept going on about how they couldn't believe we didn't know who they are. So needless to say we hated them off the bat. The guy was showing us all his (retarded) devils tattoos to impress us I guess. He pretty much wouldn't shut up all game about his super-fandom. He wants Schneider to be traded because he's too good for the Devils, except Kinkaid is better. So logic is out the window on this one too. During the second period he was trying to get a let's go devils chant but it wasnt working. Then he started calling everyone pansies for not chanting and directing his anger at two lesbians. So I boo'd him and told the crowd to boo him too. Which led to him calling me a pansy which I just laughed at. He asked why I wasn't chanting and I told him I don't want to which is when he called me a pansy too. I told him I don't have to do what he says because he's not my dad! He also was trying to tell me I was supposed to say lets go devils after he says it. I told him no I'm supposed to clap after you say lets go devils. He didn't get it because, you know, logic. And he kept going on and on about how the devils fans suck but he would never fight a devils fan because it was getting to that point with me. He was telling me about all the away games he goes to and asked if I was going to the Boston game and I said no because jobs exist and he shook his head as in "see i'm better than you because I'm going". He was saying he lives in Florida and was showing us pics on his phone of him with Stamkos and other players. As if we cared. Then some other guy at the next table was done with him and set him straight. So the couple and their friends ended up standing at the next section over for the 3rd period. They ended up getting into an argument because she was embarrassed by his behavior. While we were leaving they were still arguing. And then my friend told me his buddy ended up punching him in the face outside the arena after the game. So yea, this couple sucks and the guy Brandon? is the worst person I ever have sat with. A bunch of the workers there and other Devils fans know them and said they suck too. I hope to see them Saturday so I can mock them some more.
  22. Hall - Henrique - Blandisi Cammalleri - Zajac - Palmieri Elias - Zacha - DSP Josefson - Fiddler - Kalinin
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