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  1. since were talking about food here, i got food last night from the Bayonne diner thing upstairs while i honestly thought their menu could have been a bit better or longer with some more options than what they had i got a burger which had bacon on it and cole slaw i believe and i was actually quite impressed it was MUCH better quality than what one couldve really expected from the arena.. the gf got tenders and fries and i can say right off the bat everything about them was much better..the chicken was much better quality from the meat to the breading and the french fries were not some sh!t nathans fries they were more along the lines of fresh cut french fries..

    That's because you bought it from the Bayonne diner :thumbsup: (i'm from bayonne)

  2. I'm guessing Tootoo>Rutuu simply for speed and possibly to fight if needed vs rangers. Brunner-Gionta-Tootoo will be a very fast line and we would need that against the rangers. We would also need Carter ;)

  3. French interview with Marty talking about his situation


    Lots of infos in there but i dont have time right now to translate it all. Google translate might help for now


    Basically says he's hoping a team calls but that if it doesnt happen that its not the end of the world



    Martin Brodeur is not yet ready to hang up his pads. And after training with his son Anthony and other players of the Gatineau Olympiques, his decision was even clearer.

    The fire still burns in him.


    "I'm still hooked. Right here, I have fun. I like that challenge the players, and that was kind of my role in New Jersey, Brodeur said during an interview with TVA Sports.

    "I was a leader. I have had good seasons in recent years, but it is a pride for me to help the players around me. "

    The caretaker of 42 years is still no contract approach the start of the season. The veteran is still very serene with his decision to play one more season. But what training?

    Winning the Stanley Cup

    Brodeur still gives the luxury to find a team that will meet their personal requirements. Topping the list: a chance to win the Stanley Cup.

    "I had opportunities, but I really looking for something special. I want to finish my career and have fun. I will have no regrets.

    "My decision is personal you want to continue. It is I who feel like wanting to win the Stanley Cup, even if it's not in a leading role. "

    Obviously, Montreal was the center of rumors of possible destinations for Brodeur. Good diplomat, the main person did not want to add more on the subject.

    "Even though I have lots of experience with the media, I have to be careful what I say. Canadians have a big team, said Brodeur.

    "Ultimately, that's what I'm looking for, that is to say, being able to have a position with a team that has a chance to win the Stanley Cup, whether in the East or in the West. "


    Time passes, and the season will begin shortly. Brodeur there a deadline to make a final decision?

    "I want to let things go. I want to see what teams will be in this season. I take my family more than ever. At one point, I will decide on a date when I will make a decision. "

    And he enjoys every moment he has with his family.

    Jump on the ice of the Robert Guertin Centre for a battle between father and son was definitely a special moment for Martin.

    "It was great. I can explain some things, I've seen hockey in my career! "

  4. Speaking of which, do you know what changes? Someone at Media Day told me they had that area blocked off for construction and my guess is that's where the boardwalk is going since it's a wide space, has food stalls right there, and most importantly - would be very visible on TV during the intermissions with Deb and JMac

    I do know what the changes will be. All I can say is that isn't where the boardwalk is going. Something better.

  5. Saying you won't go to a game because you can't smoke is the DUMBEST thing I've heard here. And lawsuit from this Chucktheduck? Are you serious? There is absolutely no possible way a lawsuit can be made because you are not allowed to proceed with a habit.

    The problem with the balcony is the smoke that comes into the arena. I've had people who were sitting in the sections come to me and complain about smelling smoke and it does get pretty bad. Also there is food right there and it becomes an even bigger health hazard. There will also be changes made near the balconies which would have made it a bigger issue to have smoking there. I don't agree with the e-cig though. But I guess it's because they lead to confusion about if it's a real cig or not. People could complain about seeing someone smoke while it's just electronic but they don't know because they just see a cloud of smoke rise in front of them.

    It's going to be interesting seeing it be enforced outside at championship plaza. But I guess it'd be the same as like at amusement parks? I dunno.

    But this policy makes me happy because i hate smoke and the smell and the act of smoking. A lot of people smoke when they drink and that's the issue, not going for 3 hours without one. The cigar stand will most likely take a hit because people can't buy a cigar and then go to the balcony and smoke. Also, it's going to be annoying with people trying to leave to smoke and wanting to come back in. It has been problems in the past already.

    I'm just waiting for the "I can't have a smoke while i'm here? That's so stupid" and I will have to refrain from saying "You want to have a smoke? I think THAT's stupid."

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  6. Just saw this on TSN:


    TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie reports Harding's off-ice injury is significant, and he's expected to be out months instead of weeks. McKenzie added is on crutches and in a walking boot.

    Harding is one of three goalies on Minnesota's roster alongside Niklas Backstrom and Darcy Kuemper however Kuemper, a restricted free agent, is still unsigned.



    Maybe they will sign Brodeur now.

  7. So with the try outs, and assuming the positions they will end up playing, is this our depth?


















    Pelley (?)














    Am I missing anyone? Or completely wrong with positions

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