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  1. Watch Schneider sign his long term deal, and then Lou turns heel and resigns brodeur to a 1 year contract and trades clermont for a pick.
  2. So wait, Moulson went back to buffalo?? So weird.
  3. Isn't he best friends with Elias too? Or is that Broduer?
  4. Everyone sees Volchenkov > Salvador but management sees C > some guy
  5. Neal traded from pens to preds. Wow.
  6. I want Stars vs Wild in Minny with the stars wearing their north star jerseys
  7. Don't like 90% of the gms have to approve his return? And wait a year before coming back
  8. This is dumb.. Brodeur - 18-14-5 Schneider - 15-14-11 The end.
  9. I'm looking for 3 tickets for tonights game, doesnt matter where they are but no more than $50 each is my price range
  10. They're going to be holding those meetings til the end of the year, so I assume they're going going down the line, 30+, 25+, 20+, etc.
  11. I witnessed two drunk guys from the "hard hats" in section 133 leaning over a Wild fan wearing a Parise's jersey and screaming in his ear in a very hostile manner.
  12. I didn't put words in your mouth as you are doing to me, I didn't say you said anything. I just pointed out the way you make it look. But you are putting words in his mouth by saying he's rooting for another team. " Yupp and thats why devils fans continue to be considered a joke. Boo away, his team is getting better and ours is getting worse. #hattyforzach " He stated a fact that the Wild are getting better (in the playoffs) and the Devils are getting worse (out of the playoffs). rooting for parise to get a hattrick is rooting for a player, not a team. Devils could still win even with him getting a hattrick. Your double standards are worrisome. I would imagine you would be calling for Marty's head if he was the one who gave up that second goal. But everything is A-OK with Schneider letting it in.
  13. I applauded when Parise scored, just for the fact that everyone is boo'ing him because he decided to live the life he wants and not the life the fans want him to live.
  14. I think it would make you more of a loser for putting someone on an ignore list because you can't handle opposite opinions. Also, it doesn't make him a loser for being on your ignore list as you make it seem. You're not special.
  15. People are still being butthurt about Parise leaving? Damn. It's not like he said No I don't like the Devils so I'm not returning. But maybe I should start bashing Parise too...I don't like when people decide to live their lives the way the want without considering my opinions and desires. Damn him!
  16. I like the shootout, but hate that it determines the game. Too bad they can't just do a shootout after every game for the fans to enjoy.
  17. I never heard such a saying.
  18. Parise's first goal as a Wild was a slapshot from outside the circle.
  19. Lol, I made a joke of trading Brodeur for Gionta. I wasn't too far off.
  20. Can Ruutu play LW? Because the only thing I see is: Ruutu-Elias-Brunner Clowe-Henrique-Ryder
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