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  1. Maybe no loktionov means josefson can finally play. But why another Rightwing? I thought we needed a left wing. And at least Bernier isn't the biggest minus on the team now!
  2. Watch it be something stupid like Marty for Gionta
  3. If I wasn't already working I would go. I want to go to a game there before they leave.
  4. I would think it takes away from their ratings which effect their advertisement deals.
  5. 2-0 with 3 minutes left to go? Lose 3-2 in OT? Is this woman's hockey or a devils game?
  6. This. We are definitely going to miss the playoffs, or be out in the first round....or lose in the second round...or make it to the conference finals again....Or lose in the Stanley cup. But definitely not win the Stanley cup...Unless of course we actually do. But yeah. It's definitely going to be one of those scenarios. I promise.
  7. Larssons speed? Are we talking about the same Larsson here??
  8. This thread is dumb for the sole purpose that debour wont be fired. He brought this team to the finals and it's his last year. That merits expiration of contract>firing. new coach next season.
  9. Kings @ Devils in 97 and Capitals @ Devils in 99.
  10. Sorry, but your girlfriend doesn't make any sense here. Who cares if the Devils won 3 cups. The Rangers beat them in the 94 playoffs and then went on to win the cup, and that's all that matters in the world of hockey anyway.
  11. And then bourque got his revenge in 2001.
  12. Per ESPN 2013 average attendance for the Yankees: 40,488 http://espn.go.com/mlb/attendance And per Wikipedia: Capacity Baseball : 50,291[6]Football : 54,251[7]Record attendance Baseball : 50,960[8]
  13. Finally Josefson plays! Maybe that awesome preseason line can reunite, josefson-elias-brunner. I thought Whitney sucked last night, but who knows after a few games under his belt.
  14. I say yes. Once Horton returned they haven't stopped. And now Bob is back too. Forget about it.
  15. Harrold off IR I'm going to assume :/ Merrill will go down next.
  16. Throw plastic horseshoes on the ice after Henrique scores!!
  17. If you went to the game, each ticket you bought gets you two tickets to a game. Per announcement yesterday and tgs blog: The Devils announced tonight those who were unable to make it to Prudential Center for Tuesday’s 7-1 win over St. Louis can exchange their unused paid tickets for tickets to one of the following four home games: Feb. 7 vs. Edmonton, Feb. 27 vs. Columbus, March 4 vs. Detroit or March 27 vs. Phoenix. As a reward to those fans who did attend Tuesday, they can receive two tickets to one of those same four games for each paid ticket used Tuesday. - See more at: http://blogs.northjersey.com/blogs/fireice/#sthash.s44u2105.dpuf
  18. What are you talking about? Janssen is tied with or has more goals than: Bernier, Loktionov, Carter, Clowe, Boucher, Gionta, Fayne, Larsson, Tedenby, Volchenkov, Merrill, Salvador, Harrold, Olesz, Sestito, Josefson, and Sislo. Janssen is like an offensive juggernaut for this team!
  19. Mark Fayne 3rd star? Ok... Although, one thing I wanted to say about him. He is our best pinching defender in my opinion. Volchenkov is good at dumping too. lol, dumping.
  20. I saw this on TG's blog: The green jacket had been presented to Brodeur following the game by defenseman Marek Zidlicky. A recently-started tradition to honor the team’s player of the game in a winning effort, Zidlicky had received the jacket for his overtime goal in Saturday’s 2-1 win over Florida. Goaltender Cory Schneider had been the first to receive it – from assistant coach Mike Foligno – following his 1-0 win over Dallas on Thursday. - See more at: http://blogs.northjersey.com/blogs/fireice/comments/brodeur_gets_green_jacket_salute_from_montreal_crowd_after_4-1_win_in_hometown/#sthash.1yj16RjI.dpuf I don't recall the Devils ever doing this or anything like it. Does anyone? I know a few teams do it like the rangers with their dumb hat.
  21. No one has any good dekes or come wide enough to pull the goalie away from the post.
  22. This reminds me of when the Wendys guy was trying to buy us I want a wendys in the arena...
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