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  1. Conan has the same lead-in that Leno had...the awful 11 o clock news. What they should have done was not give Leno a show at all. Cause now the Leno fans are watching that and not Conan. Where they'd be forced to just watch Conan instead. His current show is the same show as he had on the Tonight Show anyway, minus the desk. What could Leno possible do now with a half hour slot before the Tonight Show? Although I do think Leno as a lead-in instead of the news would be the best option. I would rather the news be pushed earlier. I'm sure having Family Guy(Cartoon Network) and Colbert Report(Comedy Central) on at the same time doesn't help Conan out at all. I know I watch Family Guy more at 11:30 than I do conan since NBC isn't on my favorites list.
  2. I don't think this is true. What fans at home knew over fans at the arena is exactly the same. Fans at the arena SAW that the lights were out. Fans on tv saw and were told that the lights were out. They didn't give us anymore information at home than would have been beneficial to the fans at the game. Saying "we're trying to get the lights back on for you" is an obvious statement and really redundant. Was there actually a fan at the arena who thought they weren't trying to get the lights back on or something? I don't understand what people wanted to hear while waiting for the situation to be fixed. The only argument I can understand is for the screen to show the MSG feed. But like I said in a previous post, it might not be set up that way.
  3. this is not prevented at all that way. Because now the STH whole really did throw his ticket to the ground and was picked up by someone else, will be getting that STH's ticket. And will the Devils really try to tell the STH he wasn't at that game because his ticket had been brought in already? All it takes is for me to find another ticket and call my friend for him to bring that one with him and say he was at the game. no one is ENTITLED to a free game.
  4. I think the main reason why the STH gets the free ticket and not the second buyer holding the actual ticket is for this reason. The STH decided to give his buddy the ticket. And says hey go bring this and say you were at the game so you can get free tickets. And then I'll also get free tickets by saying i was at the game but didn't keep my stub.
  5. exactly. If he has the tickets but they're not under his name. The devils would have no way of contacting him because they don't know who he is. Even if his seat won like a jersey on fan appreciation day and he wasnt there. They would have to go to the person whose name is registered to those seats. And it will be up to him to contact the other person. greedy little fxck
  6. I'm not saying they're rewarding people who bought from ticketexchange. I'm saying that's the only outlet the Devils can track. I agree it's weird how they're handling it. There probably are better ways of doing it too. But I also don't disagree with the way they handling it either. And in a world run by money, it is about who gives them more money.
  7. You are right. They are your tickets. But they are not your seats. You paid for the tickets. You did not pay for the seats. When the person you bought the ticket from gets his free tickets, you need to contact that person and get your tickets. I'm really trying to think of a way to explain this so your 11 year old mind would understand...But unfortunately I can't think of anything. You having that ticket is having something that you shouldn't have had. You bought it. You're the sucker. You lose. Why? Because the STH who has those seats won't give you the free ticket. That doesn't mean to not bring the stub you have to the box office to try to get a free ticket. Just don't act like the 11 year old you probably are and start crying and demand a manager and make a scene. Just please, after you do so, don't ever come to another Devils game again.
  8. Here's the way I see it from the Devils perspective. A STH was at the game, he doesn't have his ticketstub. We need to keep this guy happy, give him a free ticket. Oh and this other random guy doesn't have his stub either, he probably goes to 1 game a year and bad mouths the Devils anyway. Should we really care about him buying any more tickets? After all, he would probably only buy 1 more this year and with the way he's bitching I'd rather him be a rangers fan anyway. Let me edit this...I started speaking from my point of view instead of the Devils! What I meant was, I'd rather threecups be a rangers fan anyway.
  9. There is more of a chance that the STH was at the game and didn't keep his stub, then there is a chance of someone else being at the game and not keeping their stub. Are you 12?
  10. If you bought a car from someone, you would also need the deed to the car. And with that, the car dealership would owe you. But in this case, you bought the car, but not the deed. Your name is still not on that ticket account.
  11. If someone bought secondary, their concern should be that person they bought from. Not at all the Devils. Of course the secondary buyer SHOULD get the ticket instead of the STH, but again, they didn't buy the ticket in a way the Devils condone. I don't think it should be a reward to the STH who sold it either. But I don't think they're going to keep track of which STH went to the game, which ones sold the ticket, or which didn't even go. There will probably be STH's who didn't sell their ticket, nor go to the game, that will be getting free tickets. They probably figure it's best to give the free ticket to the STH who bought the seat in the first place. A STH would be rewarded before a regular fan any day of the week anyway. So is that really something to get pissed about? Like it's something new. You can't say "I bought my ticket from someone who wasn't the Devils" and expect the Devils to say fine you win. A STH could have went to the game, but not kept his stub. Now he doesn't get his ticket. A regular ticket buyer who didn't keep his ticket isn't getting a ticket either. (honestly who doesn't keep their tickets?) But since the STH is a STH, he is getting the ticket even without the stub. Since TicketExchange is the only way the Devils can track where that ticket really went, that is the only season ticket they are honoring.
  12. That is not the Devils problem. That is between you and the person you bought the tickets from. Let me ask you this. If you bought a ticket outside from a scalper, and they were bogus. Would you be mad at the Devils or would you go outside and try to find the scalper? Give me a break.
  13. That is exactly what they said on the website. It's all there, black and white, clear as crystal.
  14. Aside from secondary buyers. They are saying anyone who bought tickets first hand, need to bring their physical ticket to get their free ticket. Any secondary buyer bought the ticket in a way that the Devils don't condone. So why should they do anything for them? That was a loss in ticket sales for them from buying secondary. The only thing I don't get is giving a free ticket to a full STH. That is what I think they need to work on.
  15. You think the Devils really care about secondary buyers? Of course not!!! That's one less actual sale for them. Buying from a STH, to them, is the same as buying from a scalper outside the place! Which is really just about the same thing anyway. And they tell you not to buy from scalpers. So why would they want you to buy from a STH? You, as well as everyone else from that game who are bitching and complaining, need to use your heads and realize there isn't much they can do. They're not going to satisfy everyone, and for most people here it would probably be impossible to do. With all the complaints I've read about, I have not seen anyone actually say what they think should be done. In a logical way. They said details would be up today. Fans are bitching that nothing was posted RIGHT AWAY! I was seeing posts from the AM hours of people complaining!! People who bought from STH aren't happy because now the STH can easily screw them out of the ticket...How is that the Devils fault now? You can't select the game YOU want, so now you'll complain. Do you really expect them to say "well you were at a Southeast game...So here's a ticket for a divisional game!!" I don't know how their bar code scanners work or if they can even scan the same ticket twice...I don't see why that wouldn't work like that as it should. Maybe they don't keep track of what was scanned and what wasn't...Why would they? I don't see why an usher would have ripped the ticket either. That's probably the only thing I would agree to the Devils being called about. I think complaining about "being left in the dark" is the biggest POS excuse ever. Please, if anyone complaining really wanted to hear "the lights are still out" be told to them every ten minutes, then you are a moron. The only thing I would agree to is that the MSG feed should have been shown on the screen. But I'm not even sure if it's set up to do that. It might be a feed directed only to the broadcast and not to the "truck". Since they weren't sure how long the lights would be out for, would it really be worth running around to try to set it up so that it would be played? Absolutely not. People seem to think that everyone was just sitting around doing nothing while the lights were out. I'm sure this is the most frantic week for tickets sales for the Devils. I know I would hate working there right now and have to deal with all the retarded comments I've been seeing.
  16. From the site: *If a season ticket holder sold their tickets on TicketExchange the buyer of the ticket will receive the free ticket, not the season ticket holder. If the season ticket holder sold their ticket in any other fashion, they will receive the free ticket and the actual holder of the ticket for January 8 will need to seek recourse through their means of purchase. (ie: Stubhub, agent, scalper, etc) There isn't really much else they can do because they can't really track which STH sell their tickets to who.
  17. at first I thought there was a member called Super Charged. I was wondering what he did to deserve a thread dedicated to him. Ha ha.
  18. It's weird how a goalie can go from being the most underrated goalie in the league when he started to the most overrated goalie among the fans of only one team.
  19. I didn't vote. I've only been to the Hurricanes and that place SUCKED. I hear colorado is really nice though.
  20. The rumor of the players going to eat was Mottau saying "got something to eat". Players on both sides had their jerseys off from the moment they went back into the locker room (as seen when they came out and sat at the bench). Grabbing something to eat most likely means exactly that, just grabbing something small. Hell, if I was playing a game and didn't think it would end anytime soon, I would surely try to get something small in my stomach to hold me over. As for the rest. THANK YOU. Finally someone with intelligence.
  21. looks like i'm going to find a new place to get my Devils news. F this guy.
  22. Would you have preferred every ten minutes for them to say "Lights are still out. Sorry. We still don't have them fixed. We are not sure when they will be fixed." I think you could see for yourself that the lights were still out and that they hadn't fixed them yet...Why do you want to hear them tell you over and over again? They wanted to continue the game so they waited as long as possible before calling it off. Simple as that.
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