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  1. I taped the '00 series on VHS haha. Still got those.
  2. I picked Fraser...I didn't even know he led the D with +11. For a rookie, wow. I didn't pick Greene because i'm not surprised.
  3. Let's not give him that much credit...It's princess, not queen.
  4. http://i336.photobucket.com/albums/n348/braddavery/eBay%20Hockey/1992-93brodeur1a.jpg
  5. Agreed. And noone can say that it's better to have him in the AHL to get more minutes and develop. Because the game against the flyers was the first game since the one against Detroit where all our players didn't play above 10 minutes. And the 4th line still played 9 minutes in that game against the Flyers. He would see plenty of ice time even as a 4th liner. And then maybe our fourth line won't be a joke anymore. As good as they've been playing the past few game with Pelley at wing, they're still not what they should be. 1 good game does not count for 10 bad.
  6. After the 11th goal I noticed the ref go up to the announcer, say something, and point to the board. After that it stopped recording the goals until it was tied up again. Kinda hoping it would go into OT, that would have been interesting.
  7. Just got back from the game...Unofficial score was 21-11. They stopped recording goals for the Devils after they went up 11-3 until it became a tied game in the third. I lost a little respect for Dano after tonight. He was playing a little too hard for what it was, even doing slapshots. But the worst part is, after the handshakes, he was no where to be found. He must have went back to the locker room during the photographs and everything else. So disappointed. It was definitely fun watching it though. Watching everyone laugh and play worse than mites on ice. Even a fake scuffle down by Chico. Best moment of the night was during the first penalty shot when the Devils players threw their sticks into the path of the JCPD player.
  8. I would like to have an honor section. Cause I don't think we should retire players who left us or that we traded. Which is where honoring them would fit right in! MacLean, Niedermayer, Brylin, Pandolfo(if he doesnt get his number retired), Lemuiex, Madden, Holik. Probably in that order too.
  9. i usually get the "devils can't sell out their arena", to which I simply reply "that's okay because fans don't win cups."
  10. I disagree. As the home team announcer you need to favor them, or else no one will want to listen. Who's going to want to listen to someone bash their team (like most people on this board)? There's a difference between favoring a team and being a homer. Chico seems to go pro-Devils for no reason other than to go pro-Devils. Which I don't mind, it's just amusing sometimes how he makes you scratch your head at what he's trying to talk about. That's probably a reason why Doc won that broadcasting award, because he's not a BS homer. I can't watch a Ranger game because Sam Rosen is the biggest homer i've ever heard in my life. Same with penguins and senators. Bruins guy I don't mind much.
  11. They need someone to make up for Gionta being out.
  12. Yes, preferably on the 9th, 16th, AND 28th. fixed.
  13. resign martin, let Mottau walk or trade him before the deadline to add more depth and possibly earlier picks.
  14. 2-0 with Mottau being out. This is the second game this season that I've noticed every player playing above 10 minutes (Red Wings was the other game). I like that!
  15. Has Parise had about 20 take aways so far? He is playing amazing as well as the rest of the time, like McAmmond...Our 4th line is playing better than their first.
  16. http://www.justin.tv/magicpotatoes2/popout/ If it asks for a password try mp2
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