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  1. Chicago this year- 21,486 last year- 20,468 -1,018 this should be a + Phoenix this year- 14,674 last year- 9,915 -4,759 this should be a + Either this guy sucks a graphs/math, or he just sucks at being a reporter.
  2. Atlanta Montreal Carolina Washington Florida St. Louis Minnesota Los Angeles
  3. Martin-Greene would be deadly to all oppositions.
  4. I dunno...I think Pelley is a close second to Peters. But once DiPietro returns, i think he will take over the title of worst player in the league haha
  5. just like I exclaimed when Weekes went down last season..."CLEMMENSON!!!!!"
  6. Devils record without Zharkov: 16-6-1 Devils record with Zharkov: 1-0-0 Zharkov win percentage: 100%
  7. he scored 2 6 goal campaigns with us. His 8 goals on the season is a career high. I always wished we used him as an offensive player instead of a fighter. He showed great offensive ability, especially on the PP. Playing with Crosby and Malkin sure does help too. Good for Rupp.
  8. Rupp has a career high 7 goals. Get that hattrick boy!
  9. it wasn't as much Ovechkins fault as it was bad timing. He went for a body check but was just a split second late. He did lead with his knee though. So that's where I can see his fault. But if it was a second earlier, it would have been a clean hit.
  10. I don't think I've ever read such a subjective article before.
  11. here's more http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruSZ7nb9SNw&fmt=
  12. I didn't mean the hurricanes fans sucked in terms of respectability. I'm quite a trash talker myself from having a Rangers fan as a best friend so I'm fine with that. But they have no hockey sense. They did the penalty kill "chop" during a power play, they cheered during devil break-aways, they chanted "bro-deur, bro-deur, bro-deur, sucks sucks sucks". They could have at least said Mar-ty like everyone else and it sounds better too. I saw almost every nationality of flags flying around in the stands, a lot of guys wear short shorts, the arena is a basketball arena with the most uncomfortable seats, they praise Ric Flair, they think anytime their player gets touched it should be a penalty. It seems like the only learned hockey from watching the fans on tv and only guessing what they're supposed to do. This was during the 4-0 Game 6 loss last year.
  13. I've been to Wild and Hurricane games. Wild was the best experience. Went to both Devils vs wild and then Kings vs wild two years ago. Arena is awesome, area is decent, fans are awesome, and they have one the best italian food places I've ever been to (Cossetta's). Hurricanes was terrible. Arena sucked, area sucked, fans were complete morons. Food was really good though.
  14. Rolston = Pointless. Would have been a fine title for this thread.
  15. they don't call him for those cross checks but they call Greene for a cross check when he just pushed the guy to the ice? what BS
  16. Actually with Murphy he said he needs to put up points. Between him and Greene since they are the same type of player. Although I havn't seen anything good come from Murphy.
  17. I completely agree with you that he needs and will get a letter. If he is still on the team by the time Parise gets the C, he will definitely have the A. Although it was a preseason game, the game where he wore an A, I think was the best player on the ice. Which included both rookies and a few veterans. He just might like having those responsibilities.
  18. I am that anyone. My brother reminded me last night that after our loss in 07 to the Senators I said "The only good thing to come from this is that we got to see how good Greene is." I have also wondered why he was not in the lineup every game that he was scratched. ESPECIALLY when we got that garbage of a Dman named Havlid. Even before we got him I watched our game vs Thrashers and he made a bad defensive move to allow the devils to score. From seeing that I knew i didn't want him and that he sucked real bad. I even posted that as a complaint and some people defending him saying it's only been a few games. I have always supported Greene 100% and knew he would be (as i said a long time ago) one of our best D men. With Martin and Oduya out he is our best defenseman...even better than Oduya has been this year. I would love to see a Martin-Greene pairing when he returns. Greene and Mottau are getting the most ice time right now on the team. Which I would also like to point out people need to stop bashing Mottau. If it's In Jacques We Trust as it is In Lou We Trust, most people on this board need to realize that Mottau is solid as well. I am even now admitted that Salvador is solid and I have not liked him the past two seasons.
  19. Anyone else happen to catch in last nights game during a line change, Bergfors went to jump over the bench but Parise grabbed his jersey and pulled him back onto the bench, cause it would have been too many men again. I thought that was funny.
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