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  1. by other places do you mean the rock? Cause the only chants we seem to do is the "You suck" after goals. Even the "rangers suck" chant seems to be dying down.
  2. Reading the anti-Greene comments in this post make me laugh http://njdevs.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=41283&view=&hl=&fromsearch=1
  3. I think it's safe to say that Greene is our #1 defenseman at the moment. Gets the most ice time, plays on the top unit with salvador most of the time, is on both the first power play and the penalty kill. I have a feeling he will keep this even when Oduya gets back (unless he starts playing again like it's a contract year).
  4. Chico also said that Greene is a very valuable part of the islanders team....And I agree with the peters-zubrus-clarkson line, I like that one.
  5. Sherry Ross called the Rolston-Neidermayer-Lagenbrunner line "the grey beards".
  6. What the hell is an illegal change?
  7. I hope Oduya being injured doesn't mean 0-3 Murphy plays
  8. Unfortunately, this has nothing to do with the hockey team. But I still thought it would be something interesting for everyone to check out. http://www.antoniocasola.com/devilhunt.html
  9. someone should have bid and made him either a coyotes fan or an islanders fan...That would have been great.
  10. Does Єklund (2.3% accurate) (2.3% accurate) work for ESPN?
  11. I got bored and decided to keep track of each players win-loss record so far. I plan on keeping this up-to-date after each game, but I doubt I will. I have also added the win/loss while not in the line-up. In / Out 2 M. Fraser 15-4-1 5-3-0 5 C. White 20-7-1 0-0-0 6 A. Greene 20-4-1 0-3-0 7 P. Martin 6-3-0 14-4-1 8 D. Zubrus 14-5-1 6-2-0 9 Z. Parise 20-7-1 0-0-0 10 R. Pelley 19-5-1 1-2-0 11 D. McAmmond 6-2-1 14-5-0 12 B. Rolston 19-7-1 1-0-0 14 T. Sestito 6-2-1 14-5-0 15 J. Langenbrunner 20-7-1 0-0-0 16 M. Halischuk 15-5-0 5-2-1 17 I. Pikkarainen 14-4-0 6-3-1 18 N. Bergfors 20-7-1 0-0-0 19 T. Zajac 20-7-1 0-0-0 20 J. Pandolfo 8-3-0 12-4-1 21 R. Niedermayer 12-5-0 8-2-1 22 P. Letourneau-Leblond 6-1-0 14-6-1 23 D. Clarkson 16-6-1 4-1-0 24 B. Salvador 20-7-1 0-0-0 25 A. Peters 10-6-1 10-1-0 26 P. Elias 10-3-1 10-4-0 27 M. Mottau 18-7-1 2-0-0 28 C. Muphy 7-4-0 13-3-1 28 T. Eckford 1-1-1 19-6-0 28 V. Zharkov 4-1-0 16-6-1 29 J. Oduya 9-4-0 11-3-1 32 M. Corrente 5-2-0 15-5-1
  12. I'm not familiar, what's with the watch for this guy? j/w
  13. I have always been a Greene supporter just like CRASHER. I even got mocked for calling him one of our best back then. It's just that now there aren't anyone being able to say he sucks.
  14. Saying someone has "a canon from the point" is not calling them a "goal scorer". Rolston is a perfect example so far this year. He has a hell of a shot but it never hits the net. Since he isn't scoring those shots, does that no longer make him a goal scorer? Cause what you just said seems like only goal scorers can have fast slappers.
  15. Vic Rattlehead18


    I just looked at the AHL standings and said "Hell yeah River Rats in first"...then I remember they're not our team anymore.. lollerskates.
  16. Vic Rattlehead18


    He is the best player on that team so far. # Player GP G A PTS +/- PIM PP SH S S% 12 Tim Sestito 5 6 1 7 7 0 0 0 8 0.750 And I dont know if that includes tonights 4 goals and +3. Why did we keep Pelley again?
  17. Woah what? People here love Andy Greene? That's news to me. Anyway. Greene= 3-0 Murphy= 0-2
  18. First: blow out vs a very good team Second: 1 goal game vs a very good team Third: barely won vs a poor team Fourth: won vs a poor team Fifth: came from behind to win vs a very good team (on a slump) to me it just looks like we're moving in the right direction, we just need to be on the winning side of a blow out next. And what better way than to have our next game be against Atlanta!!!!
  19. +1 (+10 if you included the whole 4th line)
  20. 3-0 with andy greene in the lineup.
  21. I'm hoping more for ZZPop Rolston-Elias-Bergfors/Clarkson Halisuck-Zubrus-Clarkson/Bergfors Pando-Nieds-Pikkachu/PL3 Get rid of Pelley, he's horrid. He's only on the team by default because we don't have enough centers.
  22. my concern is the PP...will that mean Elias in place of Clarkson, giving Clarkson less time? Second PP unit and 4th line? terrible...
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