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  1. Zajac is our current iron man. This has nothing to do with anything.
  2. Hopefully that chick with 4 fingers will be at this game too
  3. Pikkachu > Shanahan??? why bother signing Neidermayer if you need to make room for the kids? Sestito would have been fine as a center for us. He is definitely better than Pelley... I wasn't even that impressed with Halischuk either, I would have preferred Zharkov over him.
  4. I thought Sestito played way better than Pelley. I'm hoping Sestito is the 4th line center until Elias gets back, then zubrus and neids can be bumped down to 3rd and 4th center respectively. ZZPop Rolston-Zubrus-Clarkson/Bergfors Shanahan-Niedermayer-Bergfors/Clarkson Pandolfo-Sestito-Peters/PL3 (awful 4th line) then ZZPop Rolston-Elias-Clarkson/Bergfors Shanahan-Zubrus-Bergfors/Clarkson Pandolfo-Niedermayer-Peters/PL3 someone mentioned PKer's earlier, I think the PKer matches will be Elias-Parise Lang-Zajac Rolston-Zubrus Shan-Pando/Nieds I hope pikkachu doesn't make the roster this year and just stays a healthy scratch...He hasn't impressed me and for some reason I can't stop thinking he'll be a Rasmussen type player (who was just a terrible version of Brylin). We'll probably use Peters for the division games or games vs other big heavy weights and PL3 for the rest.
  5. All the way up top behind broduer (taste of newark next to the jerseys)...The counter to the left of the last counter at the right (if that makes any sense).
  6. I just found out yesterday that the rock has cupcakes ($4.50). It was good, tasted like Mr. Cupcakes in Clifton if you've ever been there. Got the red velvet with cream cheese icing. Worst part was the it was like a regular cupcake top on a mini-cupcake bottom.
  7. I hope so. Once Lou said he wants to give Clarkson more ice time, I assumed that meant taking Gio's place on the 2nd line. But not too sure now with Shanahan, who Lou also wants to give more ice time to.
  8. I check the blog feeds daily anyway...I voted no.
  9. If anything he would have had an hour meeting but left 80 seconds early.
  10. http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=498140
  11. Why isn't Eric Rasmussen on this list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's absurd!!
  12. You shouldn't be talking about bad predictions...
  13. I also wish that the NJ light rail which brings me to Devils games didn't have a big Rangers logo all over it....
  14. http://sports.espn.go.com/nhl/attendance Devils are 23rd in the league in attendance. 19th in percentage (up from 26 last year). and lol at the islanders.
  15. Maybe that's why he let up those 2 softies with 80 left. He was really looking forward to golfing.
  16. This has been confirmed by Єklund (2.3% accurate) (2.3% accurate) (2.3% accurate), E5.
  17. Since we're talking about players "going back" to numbers and changing numbers. Does anyone think Zubrus will go back to 16?
  18. I did the same thing...And got the same letter
  19. I'm surprised this didn't say "Should we be interested?" like every other post has said that involves any big name player.
  20. Boston just signed Morris for 1 year at 3.3Mil. Looks like they don't care about their cap... And this is another lol at the Rangers terrible defense for next year http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=451347
  21. Maybe we need a new token black guy for the newark residents since Weekes will be gone...
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