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  1. Probably and official announcement about those new owner people. From TGs post: Andy Goldstein (Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President), Brad Shron (Executive Vice President and General Counsel) and Jim Leonard (Senior Vice President of Community Investment) have been added to the staff and will be based in Newark, assuming duties primarily for the Devils and Prudential Center, and, as necessary, the Sixers.
  2. And not to forget the points that the other teams gained from the shootouts.
  3. Saturdays game was booooooooooring. You could hear a pin drop.
  4. Maybe he used to have his dads name? his dad is a dick, so he went with his moms maiden name? A friend of mine did that.
  5. http://reginasmaids.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Reginas-Maids-Office-Board.jpg
  6. so? If he gets claimed again then we are back to where we are now.
  7. I wouldn't mind having Urbom back just to have an "elite" D in the AHL. Don't we have someone from the ECHL playing D right now? Hrbanaka or whatever
  8. I don't think he was awful on the forecheck. He was horrible on the cycle.
  9. Your Gio hate is crazy. Saying he looks fast because he is small is just proving he is fast. being small means short legs means shorter strides. look at st Louis. Lots of leg power and speed.
  10. I just say "they still won 16 games"
  11. A while back I jokingly said to my brother "It's time for the PSE&G power play! The most electrifying power play in sports entertainment!". Moking how bad it is. He told his girlfriend and she thought it was a real saying and was upset when she found out I made it up. If our power play ever becomes good, can we make this a thing??
  12. Well prudential center technically has a rule that no fan can physically or verbally abuse another fan, an employee, athlete, coachs, or refs. Or anyone when you get right down to it.
  13. on NHL network this morning they showed a replay from the side and Merril was about a foot away from him. The guy just pressed too hard.
  14. I wonder how the players feel about it. Someone ask them next time after a game!
  15. Noise makers of any kind (like the vuvuzelas) are banned from being in the lounge seats (sections 7,8,9,18,19,20) from people complaining. But they're big spenders, so of course the arena caters to them.
  16. I like when they're used during the PK. And honestly it's the only time I ever notice it too. I also like when the guy would occasionally do that whistle with it (dundundundun dun..dun dun) after we clear the puck during the PK.
  17. tedenby-josefson-brunner might have potential. Speedy. Too bad janssen is playing instead. I think broduer is playing tonight so Schneider gets them on Friday and marty plays buffalo on Saturday. Instead of Schneider today, marty Friday, Schneider Saturday and then marty again in montreal. No point in bouncing back and forth between goalies and not allowing them to get in the groove. aka marty.
  18. They normally don't do the dance party when the devils are losing.
  19. It was probably, "marty do you want to play this game?" "yeah sure"
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