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  1. I guess that means no Wendy's and free cowbell this season
  2. there was a restaurant in Newark that a lot of players used to go to like Matvichuck. I can't remember the name of it so this reply is useless.
  3. Of course everyone will claim Parise (people even said he should have gotten the C). But does he really have any leadership abilities? I havn't seen any. Just because you score goals doesn't make you a leader. Personally, I'd rather not have a captain that can't defend himself. Jamie defends himself, although he can't fight to save his life. Colin White has already worn the A. He will most likely get it for keeps. Unless the new coach does a constant rotation which has happened. We have a lot of players who have worn A's and/or can fill leadership roles (Elias, Rolston, Zubrus, Shanahan(?), White, Martin, Pandolfo, maybe even Salvador)
  4. Here's what I say: If ANYONE is complaining about the seats at the Rock. Go to the Hurricanes arena. OH MY GOD uncomfortable isn't even the word. I went there for Game 6 last year and the seats were like sitting on a peice of bent wood. The worst. And REALLY REALLY narrow. But what would you expect from a basketball arena turned hockey arena?
  5. it's not so much that the seats are cramped for you. But sitting between too other people, forget about it. There is no arm space! You have to kinda sit with your arms in your lap and your knees touching. It really is small. But who the hell is saying that is preventing them from ever going back to the arena? I say f them.
  6. THANK YOU! And lets look at what we lost so far. Gionta Will never again be a 48 goal scorer and has been nothing close since. He was a burden in our lineup and took away Elias from playing with a winger he actually fit with! If you want to keep him, pay him over 5 million and lose out on the possibilities of 2-3 other better players that could be signed for that overall total. Madden He role and playing has diminished. He only played well with Rolston and Clarkson (who i would love to see play with Elias next year). We have Pelley who is a really bad version of Madden but (even though his play has simmered) we still have Pandolfo!!! And if we do resign Shanahan, it will be no problem at all. I loved madden, but if we want to escape from the Trap, he must be removed as well. Rupp We lost him once before didn't we?? PL3 is a fine replacement. I don't see much change? Rupp was a better fighter and did have a scoring touch, but changes need to be made. Clemmenson He is a non-factor next year, just like he would have been last year had Marty not been injured. Why get a player who sits for 70 games? And you're forgetting he probably would have played in the AHL again anyway. I'm glad to see him possibly get more playing time. Just like I was glad when he went to Toronto. (call signing Greene a dumb move since he's a "bench player" but want Clemmer on the team??? At least Greene is younger and can/will improve.) It is time for new faces!!! New lines and new possibilities! We have so many young players and minors that SHOULD be given a chance. Like they were in the beginning of last year, but only due to injuries. Just like in '00, a core of rookies will be our best option.
  7. According to this petition, it's Lou's fault we lost Stevens...AKA retirement. EPIC FAIL.
  8. ugh i really liked Gaborik too. Now i have to hate him for a few years
  9. someone on that message board said it best "The PL3 reign begins."
  10. Hossa was signed for 12 years. lololololololol
  11. guess he is making up for Orr who left for Toronto (just like their other goon Hollweg did last year)
  12. i'm a Wild fan too, been following them slightly since '03. More so in the past 3 years.
  13. http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=432300
  14. I think Gaborik is the most likely suspect. Which i REALLY REALLY hope not, cause I like Gaborik, i dont want to start hating him. This makes me laugh so much at Gomez and that expected 7 years. You leave your first team for another and they trade your ass!! I guess this means they're going to retire his number when he retires??
  15. MacLean as coach and Lemaire as assistant coach...That would be so funny.
  16. We might actually have trouble beating Philly this season...We still will, but maybe this time we might struggle.
  17. I can't help but hear his voice while reading this article...
  18. You gotta realize this law isn't being made for you, it's being made for those putrid drivers who can't multitask while driving. As is America- Everyone must suffer for one persons stupidity.
  19. it's not a ban of GPS systems. It's a ban on programing the GPS while in motion. You'll have to pull over to the side to program it...the same thing they expect you to do when making or answering a phone call.
  20. Rafalski made 3 bad consecutive plays in game 7 during the first period.
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