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  1. Is T5 confirmed? God, I hope not. I love the Terminator series, but I think it should finally be put to rest. What can they possibly do now? I don't even wanna know. There will be a total of 6 Terminator movies. 2 more left.
  2. Go see this movie. Best one yet.
  3. I never got the email. My girl did. I did, however, come home to a package from the Devils organization. A Paul Martin autographed photo. From C Myers, the chick that does the group sales.
  4. I will be at Anal ++++ tonight in Brooklyn.
  5. I promised Mark Bell I'd put him on waivers to give him a shot at playing for an NHL team. He was just claimed by the Rangers. Close enough. 3:37 PM Feb 25th
  6. In defense of Maddens 3 2-on-1's. 2 of them devolped into good positioning by the D so no pass could be made. The only good opportunity for a pass was I believe the third rush...Which the second man in was White. Obviously no pass would be made there
  7. Just got back from North Carolina and bought tickets for tomorrow. i'm there. 103.
  8. I don't like that he's a fan for hire. But he does get the crowd loud...And let's face facts, the devils crowd sucks otherwise. I always end up in a section where everyone just sits down and doesn't sound a peep the whole game! Our fans don't get into it like the rest of the leagues' fans do. So anyone getting to crowd screaming is good for me...even if it is the crazies.
  9. Vic Rattlehead18


    Anyone watching the Rangers-Washington game? Al Trautwic was interviewing two knicks players who were at the game and wearing Rangers jersey, but obviously having no clue about the game. And he asked them "how great would it be to have a ranger game on monday, knicks game tuesday, ranger game wednesday, and just continue that trend?" One of the guys said "oh that would be great". To which al replied "That was 1994" Can they EVER not mention 1994? Talking to basketball players, and yet they can still mention 1994..He might just be the best broadcaster ever to be able to pull that off.
  10. Looks like we forgot this is a playoff game.. And is it just me or did we completely abandon the two-man forecheck??
  11. Rolston is like Brylin a few years ago...Not measuring up to expectations, and we really don't know where to put them in the lineup. He's looking alright tonight, so that's a step in the right direction.
  12. My friends and I can never agree when the official shave date is. They say when you clinch the playoffs. I think it's when the playoffs start (wendesday). Then there is also your teams first game of the playoffs (like a thursday) or after the last game of the season. Anyone?
  13. Thank you!! And I am all for chanting it if we're losing 4-0. Cause even though we're losing, we need that good ol pick-me-up by chanting Rangers Suck. Cause even though we're losing/lost...the rangers still suck
  14. I missed the first two periods but the first text I got said "1-0 penguins havlid sucks now 2-0" Why do we allow the worst defensive pairing of havlid and salvador?
  15. imagine it was becaause of the cheap shots letterman took at hockey the other day. Letterman sucks anyway. Conan!!
  16. Elias and Holik did connect for a goal a few games ago when they got caught on the ice together. And Elias said he enjoyed the short shift they had together because he's so easy to play with.
  17. I didn't want Havelid ever since i first heard the rumors of us being interested in him. I was watching our last game against Atlanta and we scored cause of a bad defensive move by him. He's going to have to do a lot to impress me
  18. Looks like the Devils got the worse part of that trade. Havelit SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Doesn't help that he's on a line with Salvador either..ugh
  19. I hate that Avery gets in trouble for barely saying something about Dion Phaneuf, but didn't get anything for all the sh!t his was saying about Marty last year. Complete bullsh!t
  20. did Salvador just score on marty with a backhander?
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