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  1. Rolston is like Brylin a few years ago...Not measuring up to expectations, and we really don't know where to put them in the lineup. He's looking alright tonight, so that's a step in the right direction.
  2. My friends and I can never agree when the official shave date is. They say when you clinch the playoffs. I think it's when the playoffs start (wendesday). Then there is also your teams first game of the playoffs (like a thursday) or after the last game of the season. Anyone?
  3. Thank you!! And I am all for chanting it if we're losing 4-0. Cause even though we're losing, we need that good ol pick-me-up by chanting Rangers Suck. Cause even though we're losing/lost...the rangers still suck
  4. I missed the first two periods but the first text I got said "1-0 penguins havlid sucks now 2-0" Why do we allow the worst defensive pairing of havlid and salvador?
  5. imagine it was becaause of the cheap shots letterman took at hockey the other day. Letterman sucks anyway. Conan!!
  6. Elias and Holik did connect for a goal a few games ago when they got caught on the ice together. And Elias said he enjoyed the short shift they had together because he's so easy to play with.
  7. I didn't want Havelid ever since i first heard the rumors of us being interested in him. I was watching our last game against Atlanta and we scored cause of a bad defensive move by him. He's going to have to do a lot to impress me
  8. Looks like the Devils got the worse part of that trade. Havelit SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Doesn't help that he's on a line with Salvador either..ugh
  9. I hate that Avery gets in trouble for barely saying something about Dion Phaneuf, but didn't get anything for all the sh!t his was saying about Marty last year. Complete bullsh!t
  10. did Salvador just score on marty with a backhander?
  11. I always wondering if they let the fans just sit where ever they wanted or if they still made the people with the cheap tickets stay up top. Good to see they let everyone down low
  12. I wish Mottau would play a whole game like he played that overtime.
  13. I never thought I'd say it...But damn Pando sucks. It's time to reteach the team how to not pass to the other team and how to aim.
  14. I've also heard Stone Cold Steve Austins music and Mortal Kombat...Lately it's been Pinks new single
  15. What kind of pressure is there for him to have? He knows he isn't going to be playing after Brodeur gets back
  16. My dumb Gayngers fan friend said "We got Voros to replace him, and realized Voros sucks. So now we're getting Avery back." This is after he was saying at the begining of the season that Voros was way better and would rather have him than Avery...Gaynger fans are the worst.
  17. Here is the best diver...Avery... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVe4XNWVFUM "I want you to hold your eye like you're cut!" - mighty ducks
  18. http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/2009/02/...g_apple_sp.html High Five: Local Play-by-Play Men 1. Doc Emrick (Devils, MSG Network): Recently inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame, Emrick is arguably the best play-by-play man in the entire country in any sport. He rarely blows a call, he keeps up with the frantic pace of the game, and never, ever tries to make himself bigger than the game he loves. His most impressive attribute: He makes Devils hockey exciting. 5. Sam Rosen (Rangers, MSG Network): Rosen, in his 24th year with the Blueshirts, is as strong as ever. His play-by-play isn't as energetic as Emrick's, but he still keeps up with the pace of the game, and sometimes lets the pictures, not the words, do the talking. Rosen will never really rip a Ranger player, but he never becomes an outright cheerleader, either, which is rare around the Dolan Garden. High Five: Local Game Analysts 4. Joe Micheletti (Rangers, MSG): He has more than filled the huge shoes of John Davidson. Micheletti seems to have extra eyeballs. He's able to see what's going on all over the ice. Seeing is one thing. Quickly telling viewers why something happened is quite another. One drawback: He sometimes comes off whiny on the refs when the call goes against the Rangers. Low Five: Local Game Analysts 4. Chico Resch (Devils, MSG Network): Have always gone back and forth with him. He's inconsistent. A few times during a game, we ask one question: "What the hell was his point?" In fairness, Resch works with one of the greatest play-by-play men in the history of the game, Doc Emrick. So, Resch is in the unfamiliar position of being an analyst playing second banana to the play-by-play guy. --------------------------------------- I agree with most of it...except for Devils hockey being boring and Sam Rosen even being on that list or that he isn't a cheerleader.
  19. I don't think Marty will play in Lowell at all. He'll just play a few hard practices and random games to start. I don't think he, himself, would want to jump right in and play. Because he'll know that he still needs to watch he doesn't re-injure himself, and because the team is winning. He doesn't have an ego where he'd say 'I'm ready to play, get out of my crease and sit on the bench'. You also gotta realize that every team we play will be testing out that glove hand of his. So he HAS to make sure it's 110%. As good as clemmenson has been, if it wasn't for our team scoring, we wouldn't be winning. That's the difference brodeur brings. I just hope he isn't still flopping around like a fish when he gets back
  20. But is was a tragedy that Clinton and Bush used to get high
  21. How does not liking Obama racist? Just because he is black means you can't disagree with the actions he is taking with office? Unless there was a 'nigger' comment i missed.
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