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  1. I always wondering if they let the fans just sit where ever they wanted or if they still made the people with the cheap tickets stay up top. Good to see they let everyone down low
  2. I wish Mottau would play a whole game like he played that overtime.
  3. I never thought I'd say it...But damn Pando sucks. It's time to reteach the team how to not pass to the other team and how to aim.
  4. I've also heard Stone Cold Steve Austins music and Mortal Kombat...Lately it's been Pinks new single
  5. Was Claude announced as a starter? I know he started the game but they were saying he wasn't listed as the starter. I'm wondering if he got a SUCKS after his named was called or if he got a respectable applause.
  6. What kind of pressure is there for him to have? He knows he isn't going to be playing after Brodeur gets back
  7. My dumb Gayngers fan friend said "We got Voros to replace him, and realized Voros sucks. So now we're getting Avery back." This is after he was saying at the begining of the season that Voros was way better and would rather have him than Avery...Gaynger fans are the worst.
  8. Here is the best diver...Avery... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVe4XNWVFUM "I want you to hold your eye like you're cut!" - mighty ducks
  9. http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/2009/02/...g_apple_sp.html High Five: Local Play-by-Play Men 1. Doc Emrick (Devils, MSG Network): Recently inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame, Emrick is arguably the best play-by-play man in the entire country in any sport. He rarely blows a call, he keeps up with the frantic pace of the game, and never, ever tries to make himself bigger than the game he loves. His most impressive attribute: He makes Devils hockey exciting. 5. Sam Rosen (Rangers, MSG Network): Rosen, in his 24th year with the Blueshirts, is as strong as ever. His play-by-play isn't as energetic as Emrick's, but he still keeps up with the pace of the game, and sometimes lets the pictures, not the words, do the talking. Rosen will never really rip a Ranger player, but he never becomes an outright cheerleader, either, which is rare around the Dolan Garden. High Five: Local Game Analysts 4. Joe Micheletti (Rangers, MSG): He has more than filled the huge shoes of John Davidson. Micheletti seems to have extra eyeballs. He's able to see what's going on all over the ice. Seeing is one thing. Quickly telling viewers why something happened is quite another. One drawback: He sometimes comes off whiny on the refs when the call goes against the Rangers. Low Five: Local Game Analysts 4. Chico Resch (Devils, MSG Network): Have always gone back and forth with him. He's inconsistent. A few times during a game, we ask one question: "What the hell was his point?" In fairness, Resch works with one of the greatest play-by-play men in the history of the game, Doc Emrick. So, Resch is in the unfamiliar position of being an analyst playing second banana to the play-by-play guy. --------------------------------------- I agree with most of it...except for Devils hockey being boring and Sam Rosen even being on that list or that he isn't a cheerleader.
  10. I don't think Marty will play in Lowell at all. He'll just play a few hard practices and random games to start. I don't think he, himself, would want to jump right in and play. Because he'll know that he still needs to watch he doesn't re-injure himself, and because the team is winning. He doesn't have an ego where he'd say 'I'm ready to play, get out of my crease and sit on the bench'. You also gotta realize that every team we play will be testing out that glove hand of his. So he HAS to make sure it's 110%. As good as clemmenson has been, if it wasn't for our team scoring, we wouldn't be winning. That's the difference brodeur brings. I just hope he isn't still flopping around like a fish when he gets back
  11. But is was a tragedy that Clinton and Bush used to get high
  12. How does not liking Obama racist? Just because he is black means you can't disagree with the actions he is taking with office? Unless there was a 'nigger' comment i missed.
  13. I see your point and agree. Yahoo sports has Shanahan as number 33? hmm
  14. I think Mogilny is different. His number actually had meaning. Most players are just given numbers by the coaching staff. It doesn't seem like players lately can choose their number. I can't remember the last time a player was above 30? Mogilny and Gilmour are the first players that come to mind. I might be missing some. But that's what it seems like to me. And yeah, I do think Gionta is overrated. I don't think he's a first liner anymore. I also think Greene is way better than Salvador. But you seem to become a fan of me
  15. We don't have Gionta for his assists. We have him for his goals, which he has only one good season for. Gionta is too afraid to drive the net and ALWAYS does a slap shot. His wind up takes too long and the goalie always squares himself up in time. If Gionta didn't try to rip it everytime I'd like him more. Perfect example is the Rangers game when he scored by driving the net instead of the slapshot attempt. He needs to do that more often, he seems to be skating slower lately too. I just think we'd have the ability for better lines without him in there. He can only play with Elias. He was terrible on the Madden line. And before the Madden line was finally broken up again it seemed like the line of "who can we put on the wing to make a complete line?" I dunno.
  16. Maybe I see something in Greene that few do? He has been put on the point during powerplays and has played it as well as anyone else (Salmela started off with a terrible shot but got better before being sent down). He had a good chance the other night driving to the net but didn't get a shot away. You also have to consider who he's paired with. Now I love Oduya, I defended him last season when he was playing bad just as I do with Greene now. But he's not AS good as when he is paired with Martin. Same can be said about Greene. Look who he's paired with...Salvador. I don't like Salvador at all. I don't think he proved anything yet. He plays the body, sure. But mostly borderline penalty, and is out of position most on the team (and it shows with the lowest +/- of our 6 Dmen). Though I'd rather him than Brookbank anyday. On a side note: Anyone notice how far the helmet comes out over Salvadors forhead? Just makes me laugh a bit.
  17. I don't think Frazee will be the successor for Marty. The same thing was said about Clemmenson. Marty still has another 4-5 years I think. So it will still be a while before his replacement is found.
  18. I noticed a few times while on the Madden line, Clarkson did a wrap around but passed it across the crease for pandolfo, who missed it everytime. That's a nice looking play. Cause Clarkson's wraparound is predictable, but not the pass across the crease. Should do that more often.
  19. After he came back from being scratched, before he got injured, he was our best defenseman. He has always been very strong with his game. Mottau makes more mistakes than him and I think mottau is a decent player, if anyone has fallen off their game it's him. Greene may not be scoring right now but he stills plays his position well.
  20. I was hoping Sarge's number would be sacred, but that was tarnished when Bergfors wore his number this year. And I didn't mind Neiders number being used because he left us, where Brylin wanted to stay. And Mottau was scratched when the Ducks played here last season. I'd just give him 10 or 21. No one will be over number 30 cause of brodeur. Only Clemmenson is, but he's never playing at the same time as Marty so it doesn't matter. Trade Gionta, the most overrated devil, and give shanahan his 14.
  21. I was at a Preseason game when Oduya was a rookie and I watched him play, and I knew he would be a really good player. And I was right. There is no way we can trade him. Him, Andy Greene (Greenfense), and Martin are our best defenseman. And Sharks don't need any players. They're already going to win the cup after signing Lemuiex.
  22. Madden is a very important part to the leadership of this team. He should have been captain, not Lagenbrunner. I would like to see Madden be given an offensive role, same with pandolfo. They both started as very good offensive players.
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