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  1. overtime should just be endless 3v3 until someone scores. no stoppages!
  2. Maybe he means trading away garbage players for steals. like gomez for mcdonagh
  3. I hate to say it...but after last night, 3v3 OT is awesome
  4. Schneiders rebound control and horrible puck handling skills...can you even call them skills?
  5. I am excited about Brunner-Elias-Ryder. Maybe not ryder. But yeah.
  6. My brother always reminds me that when we lost to the senators during the last playoff game at continental, I just looked at him and said "well at least we got to see how good Greene is going to be". Remember when he had to win his job over cory murphy? lol. Greene=wins!
  7. brunner and Larsson for yakupov. I like Brunner. I wish pete would go back to the preseason line of josefson-elias-brunner
  8. I would assume he was asked over a hundred times "hows your back?"
  9. lol Janssen is never coming out of the lineup. It looks like the new players are finally starting to buy into the system. Ryder playing a lot better. No clowe is a plus. Expect better from Brunner, I hope he plays with Elias when he gets back even though he'll be back with Jagr. Met 2 guys from the Czech republic. They said they were there for our Czechs. Then the 2 playing scored and I told them they have to come to every game. The first time hearing the goal song I liked it. But after last night it doesn't cross over well. It's a techno version of the song where the "lets go devils" sounds more like an snes soundboard. The crowd is still throwing YOU SUCK into it. Just doesn't have the right feel to it.
  10. Wasn't Kovalchuk given the A right away?
  11. Gionta>Tendenby. can someone explain how they think he is bad on the PK?
  12. Carter is having a bad year so far. bernier has been decent. Gionta has been playing good hockey. Sorry haters. He does the job that is asked of him. Forechecks, creates powerplay opportunities, plays hard.
  13. I don't think he will be fired. He just won't be resigned after this season if we miss the playoffs again. That cup finals has secured his job through the contract.
  14. I heard someone yell "get it out of there" during a devils game the other day...he yelled it when the other team dumped the puck into our zone so they could do a line change.
  15. The best song ever...duh - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6PAzqBUNlCs
  16. I always wanted to skydive. Dave Mustaine from Megadeth said he overcame his heroine addiction by skydiving. So it must be awesome.
  17. There are now ushers sitting in the middle of the stairs in the following sections: 1/2, 3/4, 6/7, 9/10, 12/13, 14/15, 17/18, 20/21 It used to just be the lounge sections at the bottom of the railing.
  18. I honestly do not think we will make the playoffs this year. It is the first time I have felt that way.
  19. He's not really that big anymore. I didn't even noticed them at first. I noticed Doc while I had him waiting for play to stop and then he said the whole band was there. I told him I used to see them at the Birch Hill all the time (been closed for almost 10 years or something) and he just said wow and laughed
  20. I'm for it! I saw Bobby Blitz at a game only once. I've seen the entire God Forbid band at a game too.
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