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  1. The hit was illegal, i wouldnt label it dirty though. It didnt seem to have thuggish intent of a Todd Bertuzzi or that Islander guy who kept swinging his stick around Wasn't blindside either, i believe the announcers went over that.
  2. 70 in 7 years? you make each and every one of those posts count haha =p
  3. Middlesex

    Moose or Marty

    Gotta go with the hot hand, and so far its unanimous 22-0
  4. i could sign up for this haha
  5. this has to be the biggest bandwith eater ever, and its all worth it, Kovyyyyy ftw!
  6. this smells like a missed oppertunity for a poll!
  7. who wouldnt want a FIREBETTMAN.com Teddy bear???
  8. So yeahh about that ruling, its been a busy weekend. anyone know when its supposed to come?
  9. hahaha this thread is straight out hilarious
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