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  1. On 10/7/2021 at 11:29 AM, aylbert said:

    Dynasties aren't forever.
    Although I went all-in acquiring Eichel and then his injury drama started.

    Getting Draisaitl from Red for Bobrovosky though; I'll cherish forever.



    Yeah not a great day for me, but I’ve recovered & won twice since then, you?

  2. Waiver wire can help & hurt

    sometimes I find players that end up helping a lot & often I’ll drop a player who started slow ends up with another team & has a great year  so being a waiver wire addict is good & bad

    IMHO the key to winning this league ( other than avoiding injury of your stars)  is finding a few 5 tool players  in rounds 10-15 (players that get hits blocks a medium point scorer & maybe some SHP ) 

    And donot make dumb trades when a star starts slow

    inhave done that way too often 🤦🏻

  3. Ok so I updated the league to included keepers 

    Every team gets 1 keeper, it can be any player drafted after the 3rd round. 
    I also updated the scoring some of the changes:

    negative points for missed FG under 30 yards

    1 point for all 1st downs

    points for defense for tackles for. Loss & 4th down stops

    also changed to point for points given up, defense starts w 15 now

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  4. On 7/14/2021 at 8:49 AM, aylbert said:

    I was thinking about a game that would determine the most disliked to the franchise…   Like come up with a nomination list of say 20+ Players that you just can’t stand- both friend (Devils who did us wrong) and foe…  maybe add a reminder if it isn’t like front and center today why they suck.

    and then do the +\- game to get it down to 16, with that being their seed.

    And then run a weekly poll Etc bracket style.

    For example, say we only had 4, and the seeding wound up being:

    Tie Domi 

    Sean Avery 

    Bobby Holik

    JS Giguere 

    Then we run two polls on Domi vs Jiggy Puff,  Avery vs Holik…   And you vote for the  guy you dislike more…  and then the final around would be between the two guys who won the prior poll to determine the biggest assclown to the franchise.




    Holik? & how are Messier, Lindros & Kovelav not on that list?

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