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  1. Currently on a 1 hour flight delay for Boston to Newark. Luckily I sold my tickets a few weeks ago since I figured this flight would get delayed...
  2. Its like I want to dislike Hayes based on his overall performance with Boston, but he keeps priducing and I can't haha
  3. It kills me to see Provorov and Werenski tear it up already, and to know we took Zacha... it was David Conte's parting gift to the team.
  4. Yeah I just saw it's that same crappy app. Browser it is!
  5. Between the World Series and this, it's definitely a good sports night!
  6. Haha I was only joking before, but I do appreciate that! Honestly, one of the big reasons I left the forum was the mobile app for here was a huge pain to use. I'll have to see if it's better now. The community here was always great (aside from a few bad eggs who eventually got banned) so I definitely want to come around more. Crazy to think I signed up here over 8 years ago.
  7. I guess I haven't been gone long enough to be missed yet since no one mentioned me
  8. Redds is now open! Poor timing for them but the place looks awesome.. http://www.reddsbiergarten.com/ Some articles on it: http://www.brickcitylive.com/news/andaiye/redds-biergarten-officially-opens-on-monday-heres-a-view-from-the-restaurants-soft-opening/ http://www.northjersey.com/news/business/small-business/carlstadt-s-redd-s-opens-newark-restaurant-1.1548267
  9. It's a slow day so I figured some good team news would be nice: https://twitter.com/darrenrovell/status/710091409643192321 Looks like they are becoming a "Presenting Sponsor" of the Devils, akin to Chase with NYR and McDonalds with LA Kings. AmeriHealth Pavilion will be renamed the "Barnabas Health Hockey House" and team practice jerseys will carry their name/logo. We've already seen Barnabas get their logo on the ice, and they were the sponsor of Brodeur Night programming on MSG.
  10. They should be our 3rd jersey. I'm amazed that some fans think it should only be worn once a year.
  11. Yeah I mean obviously the STH price is below that face value you're seeing, but those Goal Bar seats are also somewhat unique. We talk a lot about them on HF, and I know someone familiar with the deal the Devils have with the broker selling those seats. I'll just say that the broker has those Goal Bar seats, and a lot of others around the arena, for a fraction of STH cost (along with stipulations that help the Devils out). We speculate it's a way for the Devils to undercut their own face value in order to get more fans to games who normally would balk at face value, while also attempting to co
  12. I renewed for next season, but may have to drop to 1 seat after this year so I can actually add to my savings lol.. Yeah I mean if you mainly want to go to weekday games, don't care too much to be at rivalry games, don't expect the team to make the playoffs, and don't care about some of the ancillary benefits/events of being an STH, then yes StubHub is still the best option and there's really no way the team can make a plan for those types of fans. That said, the StubHub Plan folks definitely got creamed over the holiday break as resale prices were well above STH prices. STH also got o
  13. Triangle Park appears to have passed the remaining hurdle and is tentatively set for a summer 2018 opening http://www.nj.com/essex/index.ssf/2016/01/parking_to_the_port_5_things_we_learned_at_barakas.html
  14. Gelinas just needs more ice time to develop and get experience, brah
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