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  1. Enjoy the wins, boys!!

  2. I'm off to Steamboat, CO for a week of skiing!! Flight leaves at 6am.. I'll be streaming Devils games for sure!!

    1. Microwavepizza


      ill have em up! have fun haha

    2. Pepperkorn


      SWEET! Dedicate a run to me!

    3. Colin226


      Haha Quinn I'll try to keep that in mind.. Pepper - I know just the run to dedicate to you, a guy died on it a few years back and I skied it clean the next day..

      One of the locals saw my Devils hat and said "Rockies fan forever"

  3. Let's hope for a great year of Devils hockey.. Either they play well, or we get a nice draft pick.. So either way it can't be that bad!!

  4. Tonight will be great!! Either we lose and it's expected, or we win and it's an upset for the Bluesh!ts.. GAME ON!!

  5. Took me over 3.5 hours to get from Prudential Center to Caldwell (western Essex County).. had to push the car up nearly every hill.. So, yeah, I love this team

  6. Still looking for a single ticket to tonight's game.. PM me plz :-)

  7. I'm looking for a single ticket to tonight's game.. Plz PM me

  8. I can't even get mad at this point.. What's the use? I'm just sad I have to wait until October of 2011 to see the Devils hopefully get back to being top in the NHL.. The deep lows will make the highs that much more enjoyable

    1. SS-SS


      same here...in the first 15 games I was always mad after the loss and wanted them to turn it around the next game but at this point getting mad is just not in the equation anymore...i only hope we draft a good player if we finish last or so


  10. 3 games for me at Pru Center in 3 days.. 12/15 vs Coyotes - 12/16 Nets game - 12/17 vs Preds.. A lot of driving and a lot spent on gas

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    2. Colin226


      I park on the street or in my mom's lot (she has a parking pass for a courthouse lot).. I'm in Ewing, just outside of Trenton, so it's an 80 minute drive typically.. But I sometimes hit Turnpike traffic

    3. Dead


      I thought I had a long drive of about 10 minutes in traffic ;) Sometimes I take the bus, as it is quick and drops me off about 1 block from the rock. not to mention it costs me <$3 or something roundtrip. I only have to walk about a block to catch the bus also :)

    4. GoArmySports
  11. Heard more jeers at our team last night (prior to the goals) than I did at Wachovia Center last season against the Flyers.. Of course, those same a$$holes were cheering away when we scored and won.. Half of them were STH too.. Hope they don't renew next year

  12. It's simply deflating.. I'm not even angry

    1. Dead


      I was laughing at how bad they were playing. When Kovy knocked over someone else and himself, I would have sworn he was drunk and staggering around.

  13. only 5 points out of a playoff spot

    1. GoArmySports


      That's all that matters. In sports all you have to do is make the playoffs then it all begins again.

    2. Colin226


      Amen! And I figured with all the doom-and-gloom talk that's been going on, we need to remember that we are 5 points out with 5 months to play

    3. mouse


      We're 8 out, and Boston has 2 games in hand. We're 5 out of the 9 spot. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

  14. off to the Jets game.. Thank you for the $25 seats craigslist!!!

  15. Played ice hockey this morning for the first time in 18 months.. Felt great!!!

  16. I will be attending 4 sporting events in 4 days!! - Devils 11/24... Jets 11/25... Devils @ Islanders 11/26... Devils 11/27.. and I won $100 gift card to Stop and Shop from Z100

  17. I believe.. Not that this is "the year", but I believe this team will play hard next game and be competitive.. And that's all that matters right now.. So, yeah, I believe

  18. Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

    1. DevsMan84
    2. GoArmySports


      Hmmm I don't want to point out tha obvious about this post since you probably know what you wrote so I won't.

  19. Will be sitting front row with Devils Dose when the Devils play the Islanders on 11/26.. Section 118 where the Devils attack twice.. And we'll be on TV

  20. J-E-T-S!!!!!! YEAH BABY!!!

  21. So who saw me and my poster?

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    2. Zubie#8


      you crossed the street after the gm right in front of me lol

    3. Colin226


      Awesome haha.. Yeah I was in 118 rocking out.. I'll be bringing it to 226 and the pre-game warmup for some games (next one will be Calgary)

    4. The Rock 07

      The Rock 07

      I saw it and I was in 114. Looked great!

  22. Just finished my I STILL BELIEVE poster and added THIS IS TEAM to the back.. I'll post a pick after the glue dries lol

    1. Dead


      I think I will have one that says "We Believe #17" or some variation of that

    2. Dead


      My mom made the "17" We Believe poster...

  23. Thinking about making an "I STILL BELIEVE" poster for tomorrow's game.. thoughts?

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    2. lucifer91


      goarmy...i dont think it conveys the message, that one almost makes it sound sarcastic...i like the i still believe one better

    3. lucifer91


      if i am able to go i am going to make a sign too, just havent decided on the words yet

    4. Quinn01


      Ill make one too. Just gotta find poster board.

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