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  1. Not a problem, just let me know as soon as you can.. I appreciate the response
  2. Tonight should be sweet. Had to sell my seats though since it's AEPi conclave at Rutgers. Would have liked to buy one of the $20 autographed pucks! Devils need to continue to play strong in the first period. You can't give teams like this a chance. As we saw with the Thrashers, getting a good lead in the first will destroy a lesser team because they lose all hope of winning. And I really think that's the key to the Devils future success. I love a comeback just as much as anyone, but jumping ahead early sets a tone for the game and it makes bad teams want to gtfo.
  3. You haven't responded to me yet, are you still interested?
  4. Sounds like you are referring to a backstitch.. I would hope they are difficult to remove
  5. So I'm getting a Brodeur jersey from Devils Den for my birthday in March. I also have the official stanley cup patches from 95', 00' and 03' that a friend bought me for Christmas. What I want to do is take the patches and jersey to my seamstress and have her sew the patches on. I want them stitched on the exact same way that they get sewn on by the manufacturer on Devils jerseys, but I don't know how they are stitched on.. Can anyone tell me if it's a V-stitch, Satin stitch, or Backstitch? Up-close (and in focus) pictures of this would be GREATLY appreciated... Thanks guys!
  6. Can someone give me some avg prices for Brick City B n G? I want to go but they don't list prices on the site, which sometimes means $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  7. Devs need to bounce back tonight, and I think they will... If Madden watched hockey he would say, "Wha wha what the da da da Devils need to do tonight is is is put the puck in the net ma ma ma more times than the the the Thrashers if they want a a a chance at winning" It's a simple as that Devils need to apply early pressure and not give the Thrashers a hope at winning. Take their fight away before they find it.
  8. Tickets are up for grabs until I put SOLD next to the date.. First one to pay gets them, so Islanders on 2/11 is still available
  9. Well we can arrange an exchange in person in the Caldwell, NJ area... or you can send me a PayPal payment and I can email you the tickets or leave them in your name at will call in the box office.. If you pay with paypal and want them emailed it's an extra $5.75 because Paypal charges me a $1.75 transaction fee and ticketmaster charges me $2 per ticket to email them to someone else.. Send me a PM and we can talk
  10. Hey guys.. Just changed the price to $22 a seat for the Islanders game on 2/11.. PM me if interested
  11. Sure you can! I'm 19.. Nah I understand though.. I never would have thought I'd have season tix at 19
  12. I just went to last nights game and compared the jersey I got to the authentic jersey's they had.. Wasn't even close! The cheaper jersey is a piece of CRAP compared to the real deal. Sent my fake jersey back today and will be buying a real one once my Devils Legion card arrives.
  13. Ok so I was at the game tonight.. From what I saw, the Devils had a lot calls go against them compared to the Caps who were tripping Devils left and right.. That being said, I never like to "blame" refs for a loss. The Devils jumped out playing hard the first few minutes, but after that first goal they deflated. They started making lazy plays. They didn't show any real heart until their first goal. After that, they displayed that fire we've come to know and love this season. Then, they had a LOT of near goals and really just missed out on chances to tie it up. All in all, I think it's better that the Devils lose this streak. It's not something you want your players thinking about too much because they'll start playing tight and safe, which is why their offense suffered tonight. On the bright side, we have the Thrashers, Kings, and Islanders all coming up before we have to play the Bruins and Sharks. My prediction is that the Devils will be worked in practice before Friday's game and they'll be back to playing hard for all 3 periods. While good teams find a way to win, you can't keep playing with fire by getting these last minute comebacks. No need to panic guys the Devils will bounce right back! Edit: I also want to add that I fully support Clemmy. Without him stepping up we would not even be dreaming of the playoffs, nor would Marty's return be anything but a nice welcome back before the end of a disappointing season. He's not a star goalie, but he's given us some great games and we should be proud of him. Damn, some of you sound like Philly fans complaining about him after a loss. Marty wasn't perfect either. He made some big mistakes too. And one day his number will be hanging in the rafters and we'll be trusting our hopes with someone else with no hope of a Hall-of-Fame goalie's impending return. You're either going to eventually have to support a goalie who is less than stellar, or become a Habs fan.
  14. I'll be braving the storm and Turnpike to drive up to the game from TCNJ.. Should be some great hockey tonight.. Devs better still have that fire
  15. I'm going to the game tonight, so I'll try to post a better picture
  16. It's very nice.. The view is really good and you don't feel far away.. Front row is nice because no one walks in front of me.. I'm also able to easily sell seats to games I can't attend.. It's really always been a dream of mine so it's very unreal right now to look at my sheets of tix.. I should be there tomorrow night so look for me haha.. What's your section of choice?
  17. Yeah the one I ordered came today.. I knew it would look like the one in the picture, but the guy swore to me it was authentic and would give me a full refund if it wasn't, so I figured I'd give it a shot.. So I was wondering if someone had a pic of Brodeur in his jersey this year? I mean I don't know if this is a new style or something.. The jersey itself is authentic but I just want to make sure the numbers are fake before I send it back.. Thanks!
  18. Wow! Well I check eBay every 6 hours looking for a good deal like that so hopefully it happens soon..
  19. In addition to Section 226 and the Greek food place in Taste of Newark, I'd also like to be the keeper of Score-O and keeper of the "Defensive side" goal.. Let me know 3*s
  20. View from the seats.. It was taken on a cell phone so yes it's not great quality but it should give you an idea of where you are
  21. Also true.. Yeah I mean watch the Islanders play and watch the Sharks play.. Sharks work hard on the ice and as a result they get the little things to help win (favorable bounces, calls, etc.) and the Islanders look fairly dead on the ice, which results in the little things going against them... The Devils aren't winning because of luck they are winning because they work hard/play hard, are extremely disciplined, and always find a way to win.. It's the truth all across sports
  22. This is just crazy.. And it really shows just how good the Devils are.. Some people would say they keep getting lucky, but good teams get favorable bounces and find ways to win.. This is really an exciting team to watch, now we focus on the Capitals
  23. Being a fellow Mets fan we both know.. "Ya Gotta Believe" WOW the Devils are on fire!
  24. Thanks.. I requested to be keeper of Section 226 and keeper of that place that sells Greek food in the Taste of Newark section in the upper level
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