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    Pix from games
  2. How would I go about becoming the Keeper of Section 226 at "The Rock", and Keeper of that Greek gyro place in the "Taste Of Newark" food section in the upper level of The Rock?
  3. Thanks. So can someone explain how one becomes an official keeper of something?
  4. I had one but it was claimed by a family member yesterday.. In the future, PM me for tickets and I'll let you know if my season tix are available.. I have 2 seats in 226, front row.. I usually only sell both together, but sometimes my Brother goes by himself so you'd be sitting next to him if you only buy 1.. Good luck for tonight!
  5. How $, if you don't mind me asking..
  6. Yeah I just ordered another Brodeur jersey off eBay and the numbers in the guy's pictures looks like the one in this auction.. I emailed him and multiple times he guarenteed me that what I'd get would be the "on-ice authentic" Brodeur jersey, but I know that if my jersey arrives looking like the one in this auction it's not authentic lettering.. Luckily he said I can get a refund if I don't like the jersey... I wonder who is making these jerseys?
  7. The 2/7 game vs the Kings has just been sold. See how fast my seats sell?
  8. Hey Guys, I'm a Devils season ticket holder and I have a few games which I will not be able to attend. Games are listed below. Tickets are $22 a ticket per game (face value), and you must purchase both seats to each individual game. Cheapest seats on TicketExchange for this section are around $35. Section 226, Row 2 (Front Row in this section).. 2 seats together.. seat numbers only given to buyers (security purposes) ------------------------------------------------------ Saturday 2/7 @ 7pm Los Angeles Kings SOLD Wednesday 2/11 @ 7pm New York Islanders SOLD Saturday 2/28 @ 1pm Florida Panthers SOLD ------------------------------------------------------ I live in Caldwell, NJ so we can arrange a pick-up at my home (must pay in cash) OR you can pay me via PayPal and I can e-mail you the tickets or leave them in your name at Will Call (located in the arena Box Office).. If you want them emailed it's an extra $6 total as ticketmaster charges me to email my season tix (at $3 per ticket).. My eBay ID is "themenchins" and if you look me up you'll see I have 100% positive feedback with over 90 ratings.. If interested please post ASAP as these tickets have gone fast in the past.. Thanks!
  9. Good, because I'm ordering my tickets for all 4 rounds.. Yeah I always love hoe the Devils will be playing poorly and then (as the players say) "Sutter said a few words", which is always followed by a comeback.. It shows that they have great potential, or that Sutter threatens their lives and they play well out of fear
  10. Right, using a completely valid counter-argument against your premise shouldn't be allowed.. Nope let's forget what Bush did and the lies he made for 8 years and only focus on how Obama broke a promise, you know because he really doesn't have 4 years to "attend to America's boo boo's and make it feel better".. Nope, if the economy isn't flyin' in a week I move for impeachment. I mean we didn't vote on change in 4 or 8 years, we wanted it yesterday. It took Bush 8 to wreck the country, but Obama should rectify it in a week or he's incompetent. Tell me this.. your first week at your job did your boss get angry at you when you weren't working at full efficiency, changing your firm/business to make it generate more income? At least be fair and give it some time before you judge
  11. I think it's great that people are judging Obama after a week in office.. Hey I mean what can 4 years tell you that a week can't? Also, if you think using websites like "gendercide" will help your case you have got to be kidding.. Come on guys we all have written college research papers let's use some scholarly sources that have credibility.
  12. Yeah I think if you just look at the all-star game as an exhibition rather than an all out hardcore hockey game (like we're used to seeing 82+ times a year) then I think you can more easily accept it. The point is to showcase the best player(s) from each team, and sell stuff in the process. The reason why the MLB all-star game isn't questioned is because baseball a far less physical sport, so it isn't as obvious that they aren't giving 100%. With the hockey all-star game the players don't want to get hurt so everything is played at a lesser level than normal hence slower skating and weak checking. But it's still nice for fans to see at least one player from their team out there on the ice representing them. It's still tradition and a great marketing tool so I support it.
  13. I know, that's why I was regretting that I left my jersey back in my dorm room. Next time though......
  14. Who saw that Oiler guy just rip the trophy from the little kid..
  15. When they play that electronic rock music after each name is called it makes me feel like I'm playing an old video game.. Anyone? Anyone?
  16. I go to The College of NJ and I just realized that I've been 15 minutes (maybe less) from Sovereign Bank Arena. I'm just wondering, is it worth the money to go see a game and would it be a good date for 2 Devils fans?
  17. I go to school at The College of New Jersey by Trenton and the closest NHL team to me down there are the Flyers. My girlfriend and I are huge Devils fans, but I love watching hockey in general. So for our anniversary I got us 2 tickets to a Flyers vs Thrashers game, and yes I paid for them. I regret not wearing my jersey, but we did root against the Flyers during the entire game. I also am fascinated by stadium/arena architecture so I wanted to see what the Wachovia Center looked like. It felt a lot like the Prudential Center except it didn't have as many high ceiling concourses and the seating sections were not as interesting as at the Rock. Back on topic.. Is it wrong to watch other teams, rivals or not, play some hockey?
  18. Just thought I would post this to say hi to everyone. Yesterday my brother and I became season ticket holders for the remainder of the season. Normally, it's past the cutoff to purchase season tickets for this season but one of the guys at the Ticket Office was able to hook us up. We're in the front row of section 226 (a few seats to the right of "Crazy Jamie" in section 225). We're both in our early 20's and have been talking about getting season tickets for about 10 years, so this is a big deal for us. So we're extremely happy to be part of the Devils family and I'm looking forward to some good talk on NJDevs. Thanks guys!
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