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  1. Exactly.. I hate benefits I can't use, because then they aren't benefits.. I realize it's tough to plan an event around a practice but I really hate having to miss this thing again
  2. I've noticed this too but strangely it's also the case for weekend games.. I mean, what's the excuse for showing up late yesterday? I think a lot of people misjudge how long it takes to travel down 21 and get into those parking lots (I called them the "scared white folks" because they stick to the major roads and only park within eyesight of the arena).. I take backroads through Newark and park on the street so I'm in and out in no-time
  3. He didn't just start sh!t, he was looking for it apparently.. Amazing.. Guy goes out of his way to get fans to hate on him, then cries about it to the Internet.. He's since deleted his accounts and the YT video.. Hmmmm the victim got called out and deleted all of his stuff? Yeah he was definitely not lying or anything.....
  4. Very very accurate post.. Muchos kudos
  5. More ice time for Gelinas!! He needs to get better by totally combusting in games.. That's how Devils fans swear rookies learn to not make mistakes, by making them more and more in games!!
  6. Found this gem online.. If you have 40 minutes, it's pretty fun..
  7. http://nhl.si.com/2014/03/17/petr-sykora-retires-devils-penguins/ A great Devil and one hell of a piece in our 2011 - 2012 season. Thought we should have a thread to commemorate his career. Kudos to HFBoards for some of these great memories:
  8. @ from at on MSG+2 More of This: Less of This: And if We Win...
  9. We love Origin and I'll also add that Hansel and Griddle is a good lunch spot.. Sushi Palace has a good all-you-can-eat too
  10. Hahaha that's awesome.. Yeah our fans have really been showing up down there
  11. Don't leave us hanging man.. How butthurt? Details, details!!
  12. Philadelphia Flyers - Celebrating a tradition of mediocrity since 1975. "Wooo a dancing fat guy when we're getting killed in the game! This is awesome!!"
  13. He would be wise to resign in NJ.. We have the easiest travel in the NHL, he's playing on a top line and gelling with Zajac (maybe Ruutu now), and we play a style that is suitable for his speed.. He'd be far less effective in some of the run-and-gun style teams in the East.. We play a slower possession game that fits his skill set well.. I can definitely see him coming back, especially if we do well in FA (not that I think he is actively trying to win a Cup)
  14. Oh cool.. It's a nice little area down there, great for lunch breaks when it's warm out.. Hope you guys enjoy the game!! Let us know where you're sitting and remember: REPRESENT!
  15. Tempting… Very tempting… Not an easy commute from Somerville, NJ but I'll think about it
  16. Been to a few over the years as my gf is a Flyers fan.. Most recently I was at the game in early November when we won 3-0.. There were quite a number of Devils fans and it was a weeknight.. Sat lower level and stood to cheer during our lineup announcement The worst you'll most likely get is what you already experienced; guys who will run their mouths but not do anything unless you react.. They are all talk.. If you can handle that, you'll be fine I can understand where the fear of Philly sports fans comes from, and it's a real threat for the Eagles, but I've always felt that Flyers fans are pretty tame.. They are worse in our building because they seem to feel that they need to "live up to their reputation", but really just embarrass themselves.. Down in Philly, eh really not so bad especially in the more expensive seats Edit: Yeah like everyone said, man up and represent in full Devils regalia.. I've actually yelled at a few Devils fans down there for not wearing their gear.. Didn't even know who they were there for until we scored and they jumped up.. Devils Pride!! Edit 2: Just remembered that 3 days later we went back to Philly to see them play the Oilers.. Decided to be a douche and wore my Devils hat and hoodie, especially because the Devils had just gotten the Flyers fans to boo their team outta the building, and got wayyyy more crap on the concourse that game than the Devils game haha
  17. That's a heck of a drive! Happy to hear we have Devils fans that way.. I take 78 west to get home too though I get off well before PA, maybe you saw a dark gray Subaru with big Devils logo magnets on either side?
  18. Louuuuu!!!!! :koolaid: :koolaid:
  19. Yup, I was quoted in the same article as Marty.. It's means we're now best friends forever and ever
  20. Looks like I made it into an article haha http://www.nj.com/devils/index.ssf/2014/03/fans_dreading_the_day_of_a_devils_team_minus_martin_brodeur_whenever_that_is.html
  21. It's looking like a decent crowd, but probably not as good as the Sharks game that barely cracked 16k: http://www.ticketmaster.com/new-jersey-devils-vs-detroit-red-newark-new-jersey-03-04-2014/event/02004B261FCC3634?artistid=805982&majorcatid=10004&minorcatid=9&tm_link=artist_msg-0_02004B261FCC3634 Close to 600 tix on StubHub, with the cheapest ticket around $25.. Yup looking like 15.7k - 16.1k
  22. Tweet came out around 1am, so it's not hard to believe that Lou finished a deal (or basically has one in place) after last night's game and the staff waited until after all players and personnel were gone to move his stuff out. Lou wouldn't want to call much attention to this until it can be announced. Just sayin... Let's keep an eye on it
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