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  1. why not just make hockey a shootout for a full 60mins... If it is a tie after 60 minutes then it goes to goalie fight... so much better than 4 on 4 see... lol
  2. Lineup as follows: And last but not least :koolaid: Score some goals Elias 1000points, 400 goals, and 600 assists pregame recognition tonight!
  3. Cory vs the pengs? interesting in of itself
  4. Lets Go Devils! i was just coming here to start a GDT if ine wasnt here.... lol huge excitement for this game gdt at nearly 6pm...
  5. from the limited intetaction i had with dowd he doesnt seem like the type to do something like this. he seems to really care about kids and goes out of his way for them when possible
  6. Dead

    Wild @ Devils

    I gave my tickets away also, but then got free tickets... I may go after all. but wanting this: New Backup tonight??
  7. stick boy? ;0p. if anything working with thr front office....
  8. Did we really get 2 goals in shootout? and lost...
  9. game in philly is cancelled... hmmm http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=701651 NEW YORK / TORONTO -- Tonight's game between the Philadelphia Flyers and Carolina Hurricanes at Wells Fargo Center, NHL Game No. 749, has been postponed due to the snow emergency declared in the city of Philadelphia. A makeup date will be announced as soon as it can be confirmed.
  10. tickets available here for 1/26 game http://click.email1.msg.com/?qs=5a33d72e653a00dc30c52647c63b67c9e08d5e7699a5a41e93bff74eec75157c6aab0ff4d4d689f6 code: NYRFAN Delta Suite row 2 @ 349 each
  11. I came to post something like that. Parkway ans 280 are complete sh!t right now. Parkway south not moving, 280 the same. 15 min drive home from newark today is over 2 hours now and still not done (and that is going north which is kinda moving)
  12. Becareful and watchout for the crazy woman that throws poop at people in penn station... Haha. I am not kidding, cops brought her in where I work one night.
  13. Dead

    Janssen waived.

    I am shocked to learn that Cam cleared waivers.
  14. Just remember most if not all the tickets are hard tickets for this game. That said nearly all the listing expire tomorrow 1/22, so prices may fall sharply over the next 24 hours.
  15. Why wouldnt you want to go to this game? First time in history devils will be playing in an outdoor game!! Sure the couch at home is nice warm and you can stare into that thing that has moving pictures, but why? I rather be at the game in the cold that watching the TV. If it is not in your budget that is one thing, otherwise go! :blahblah:
  16. Is we have the game? I be there final! I was to see atleast one devils goal, more better! @$$@ just win!
  17. Newark (and well every city) is affected directly by the people that live there. To say otherwise would ignore the citizens of whatever city, and their effect on their city. Lets face it Newark is not a very "good" city in general but the vast majority of people that live in Newark are good people. As with all areas a small percentage of the population is what is considered "bad", and well those give any city the rep it has (as far a negative). I have seen enough of newark and goings on to know that it is generally not safe (day or night), for the most part regardless of the area you are in.
  18. A game tonight? Yay! Score atleast one goal and I will be happy, win and well
  19. I couldnt resist, I picked up 2 of those white retro jerseys. My wife just got me an xmas gift, but she doesnt know it LOL...
  20. Nothing wrong with 29 on that "retro" jersey. He was number 29 when wearing that style of jersey.
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