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  1. This joker can call out anybody who uses a word that can be misconstrued as "racist". I've seen "N" words from Deke along with calling people racists with no quote to back him up. Then, Rowdy jumps in to "explain" what the liberal "really" meant to say by using the "N" word in liberal terminology and the post is long gone. Say Mexican, game over and God forbid you mention those that killed 3,000 Americans on 9/11 (plus the Cole) and PC libs must call JL a racist. Go to hell.
  2. 3 games is my guess. Avery + Rags = WWF F'in disgrace!
  3. R u buying into that garbage? What hate groups? Scary times? "While I'm at the gun range I hear the "N" word every week"? Why don't you just buy the NY Times and pledge allegiance! No hate groups here, just reverse hate/discrimination.. bait & switch crap that takes the emphasis off police lives here. God Bless them.. all 3 and the families.
  4. http://www.voanews.com/english/2009-04-05-voa26.cfm "Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner says there are some encouraging signs about the economy, but he was quick to temper expectations. Geithner says the typical pattern of an economic turnaround dictates that only when businesses start to hire again will there be a peak in unemployment." "... that only when businesses start to hire again." A piss poor miscreant socialist conducting an orchestra of lies stating now that "businesses" must start hiring again? Step back. This guy can't use f'in turbotax! I'm not spewing Hannity here as this is complete BS as the middle class is getting f'ed by the likes of Obama/Geithner while both are open to Capitalism now? F them both!
  5. "Yes. You're missing Deke's point. You seem to think he was out to disrespect the dead cops, but that's nowhere near what he was getting at." Can Deke explain what the "working class" is in his terminology? So funny to see liberals run for cover as they try to hide mistakes by bringing on the chief rhetorical socialist minister 42 to make amends about the definition of "working class". Deke is mini me to 42. God Bless those Officers and according to Deke and Rowdy... the police don't exist as "working class" folk.
  6. 42Pelosi, Deke is hiding under his or her Obama Coins while 4 people are dead. God Bless, as the working class includes the police that I support and the 3 dead "soldiers" that protected the people of Pittsburgh. Grow up Pelosi42, as there is sun outside of mom & dads basement (and VH1 Classics) as you can still join us Repubs on a march towards freedom of speech? Hmmm, you want Orwell 42... I feel ya! http://www.foplodge73.org/
  7. "...When it comes to these working class snap and shoot cases."? 3 policemen dead and this about the "working class"? Pray for the families of these 3 brave policemen and respect those that hold a gun, along with a badge, while you and your family sleep safe at night. Amazing how elite libs will betray those (those = working class) that are not only the police, but the very people that individuals like you Deke, that seek to empower "when" you need them to vote. "Working Class" includes the police Deke.. your loft in NYC, paid for by daddy, needs redecorating as u live in a very small world called your tiny little brain. God bless.
  8. The Phils have a great team and I like the ballpark as it's great place to see a game with the family. Other than that, the only thing that Filthy has going for it is it's one of two cities were there is a mass exodus to (the other Detroit) anywhere else in the country.. even NJ! Anywho..Hammels, Rollins, Howard and Utley is amazing. Long season and I now like the 2 year deal for Gaylord Perry (lol) that was signed during FA as pitching is lean right now. Phils are fun to watch in that bandbox so enjoy them as teams like that don't come around all that often.
  9. He was elected by the liberal press and strolled right into the White House because he recognized early on, as sh^t Senator from Illinois, that he could lie and distort the truth via the liberal press. So it's funny that you, rwd, like the liberal press when it is fits your agenda, but it's nonsense after you and Acorn get a spender for socialist ideals into office with puppet strings attached to Pelosi. So.. Obama was quoted: "what the f^ck does this have to do with anything"? Probably correct if he was not looking at his telepromter and hangin with Leno and his Follywood crowd. What a pathetic, fear mongering President that would be crucified by the lib press if it was a mainstream Republican.
  10. "...Would leave Europe open to a fresh terrorist offensive".
  11. http://app.com/article/20090404/NEWS/904040334 "The county's 3,500-person work force was asked at the start of the year to accept the freeze. All nonunion workers
  12. "I reckon" = elitist mentality that will win us dum repubs som votes because u're betrre than me. lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!
  13. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/worl...icle6032342.ece "He said (Obama) that failing to support the US surge would leave Europe open to a fresh terrorist offensive.
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