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  1. Thought you might enjoy with the draft coming up, relive a nice moment in our club history. I'll post a few more if you are interested. START OF OT and GOAL
  2. I was at the game in section 123 near the top. He as in section 123 near the bottom. He was drinking all night... Standing up during play... Giving the entire arena the finger and filming the response to his trolling. I don't believe they threw him out. I was shocked security didn't do anything. That clown started it and is an attention grabber. We chanted to throw him out but security didn't.
  3. First of all, I hate the Canes. Second, they must keep on the pressure, forecheck, forecheck, forecheck. Every point matters. Wish I was at the rock tonight. Gave away my tix to this game to a work buddy. I'm slowly but surely infecting my workplace by making new Devil's fans. LETS GO DEVILS!
  4. To put it simply... The Rangers are the Dallas Cowboys of hockey. Every year they are going to the big game, blah blah blah. Every year they disappoint and are forced to relive the 90's. Scoops
  5. I'm so frustrated right now. When the season gets cancelled I will get my full season ticket refund. I won't be a full season holder next year. When I see millionaires arguing with other millionaires and billionaires, it makes me so angry. I've been a devils fan since Johnny Mac netted that it goal in Chicago but this lockout.... In this economy.. Really leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I can always spend my entertainment dollar elsewhere. What a shame. I'll stay home and watch the games if they ever resume. I just hope the Devils can survive this. The owners and players had the entire off season to work out a deal. They chose not to for leverage. At this point I'd love for the owners to void all contracts.. Institute their own salary cap... Revenue sharing.. And start again with all A H L players. Drop the ticket prices down due to no crazy salaries and start over from scratch. It would be refreshing to see young, eager, happy players playing in the NHL. Let the millionaire players go to the khl. If this season gets cancelled, I hope the NHL and players take a huge financial hit.
  6. I have not renewed my full season tix yet. I am waiting to see wtf Lou does. I'll never stop loving this team or be a fan, but I just don't think I can stand seeing Zack in another jersey. UGH. If he goes to another team, let it be for some insane amount of overpayment because that's the only way I'll be able to deal with it. Scoops
  7. How about The Veer Union - Bitter End? It was one of my choices when doing it also I was thinking of another song by a glamor rock band of the 80's song title Raise Some Hell. Really good song, albeit a bit dated but still... fitting.
  8. Well, I thought the music fit perfectly. The Devil's army theme, soldiers. Oh well, can't please everybody. Thought you might have enjoyed it.
  9. Scoopscj


    I wish I was 23, I'm really 41 but when they won the cups I was working 2 jobs and going to school and I had no time and a small budget. I could have gone, I wish I did, but that's one of my regrets. After they won in 2003 I put "seeing the Devils play in the SCF again on my bucket list." Tomorrow I can cross that off and if they can somehow earn the cup, it will be a lasting memory I'll never forget. I regretted not going in 2003 but at least I have another shot now. To see them lift the cup and skate around and enjoy the moment with my fellow fans will be an experience I will not miss. Scoops
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyy8VwX4D_0
  11. Scoopscj


    If you are a die hard fan, you need to find a way to get to one of these games if not all of them. You must. This opportunity doesn't come often and life is about building memories and enjoying each day. We don't live lives to work or to do things we hate. This is the time to make that leap. Go for it! Scoops
  12. How does nobody mention McKay vs Boston when he just jumps on the boards and gets smashed and jumped on by his teammates? Marshall, in OVERTIME.... another of my favorites. This one though, even if we lose the finals, will SHUT THE MOTHER FLIPPIN Ranger fan base and media up. They have nothing but 1994 to go back on and they can't even hold that over our heads anymore.
  13. Scoopscj


    Every time I wore my Devil's Pajamas I got for Christmas 2 years ago they lost. Then I wore them during the NY Giants game when DeSean Jackson returned the punt to win it and I haven't worn them on any game days. Ever. Bad Juju on those pajamas. seriously. Scoops
  14. Scoopscj


    I look at it this way... Someday (hopefully far away) I'll be dead. If I get the opportunity to contemplate my life before I go, will I say to myself, "I'm so glad I saved the extra 600 dollars because that 600 made such a huge difference in my life and I'm glad to have saved it and used it elsewhere? or .....Am I going to say to myself, "Wow, I got to see my favorite team play in the Stanley Cup Finals and I'm now a part of history?" I know which one I'm going for. This opportunity doesn't come around often, and when it does you need to jump on it. What are some of your 'breaking points' on tickets? Would you pay 180 per ticket? Probably that sounds about right, but now those same tickets are 320 and most of you balk. Sure it's a bit more money, but honestly 140 dollars more per ticket for a chance of a lifetime. I'd rather have the memory and the experience than the extra $140. That's just my 2 cents. I'll scrimp and save during the year a bit more to justify the additional cost and I'll be happier for it. To be a part of this magical run, weather it ends in victory or defeat, is something I will treasure. The Game 6 memory I have alone will live with me for forever. Imagine if we get to see a championship in our building? I will not miss it. Scoops
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