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  1. Any chance I could put this vid on my ipod? It's awesome! I tried to grab it from the site but I'm having a nightmare of a time getting it to work on my ipod. Would you be willing to post it on youtube or something to make it easier to grab? I saved it as mp4 but my ipod won't play it. If you don't want me to DL it just say so and I'll respect your wishes. I just wanted to show all my Devils friends at work. It's a HELL of a video! Scoops
  2. Anybody give me some background on him? Why call up a guy who hasn't played with the team all year? His bio says he is 25. I know nothing about him. Scoops
  3. EC Quarter Finals Bruins - Canadiens : Canadians in 7 (Yes, I said that) Capitals - Rangers : Rangers in 6 Devils - Hurricanes : Devils in 7 Penguins - Flyers : Penguins in 6 EC Semi Finals Canadians vs Devils : Devils in 6 Rangers vs Penguins : Penguins in 7 EC Finals Devils - Penguins : Devils in 7 *** WC Quarter Finals Sharks - Ducks : Sharks in 6 Red Wings - Blue Jackets : Jackets in 7 Canucks - Blues : Canucks in 5 Blackhawks - Flames : Blackhawks in 7 WC Semi Finals Sharks - Jackets : Sharks in 6 Canucks - Hawks: Canucks in 7 WC Finals Sharks - Canuks : Sharks in 7 *** STANLEY CUP FINALS Devils - Sharks Winner = Devils in 7 Scoops
  4. I'll be there for all games in rnd 1 and 2. Section 120 Row 4 LETS GO DEVILS!
  5. Anybody know approx when the Devils will play round 1? Are dates set now or will they be posted after the season is over? For some reason I'm having a brain drain on when the playoffs usually start. I know in the NFL it's the next week Sat/Sun after the regular season. Is it a few days or a full week after the final games? Thanks in advance. Scoops
  6. Interesting move for the Rangers and one I think most of us saw coming a mile away. Avery is talented and pesky but is he the answer to the Rangers scoring problems? He can help but I don't think he is the difference maker. They may make the playoffs this year and if they do expect them to be in the 7th or 8th spot. Personally I'd love for them to miss the playoffs. I can see a Rangers vs Bruins match in Round 1. Rangers won't even win 1 of those games. Scoops
  7. I have Cablevision (i/o cable) and I'm not getting the free preview at all today. I spoke with Cablevision and they said it's not on their end. If it's offered as free then it will be "unlocked" and it will show up on your cable. I can't speak for DSL though. Scoops
  8. Some had respect, some had hatred, some had humor. Overall they were very down on their team. We smoked em today and while I think the Flyers are a very talented team, the fans are pretty brutal at times. Hope you enjoy these as much as I did. Scoops Brodeur...he's always there. I f*cking hate this guy. fu cking Marty just retire already We won't score today. (posted halfway through the period 1) I'm a Chicago Bears fan, and my hatred for the Packers isn't even close to comparing with my my hatred for the ****ing Devils. Going to need a deflection to beat Marty. The best thing about being a defender for the Devils is that on a 2 on 1 you can literally just take the man and let the shooter do whatever because 99% of the time Marty is going to make the save. watching Biron and Brodeur is like night and day We've had 28 shots blocked so far. are we sure this game is even live? It's the same Flyers vs Devils game I've seen for the last 14 years. the Flyers are fine. it's the devils that are so much better than everyone thought (as always) LMFAO....nothing like a game versus the Devs to show how far from being a contender we are. biron should be taken to woodshed If you swapped the two goalies, it would be 3-0 Flyers. 100 shutouts out of 547 wins. Unreal Game recap: "Flyers in across the line, with a shot....blocked." Rinse and repeat.
  9. Fans love to throw a whole bunch of average players to get a superstar. I don't believe this trade will happen at all. I expect if the Devils make a deal it will be a trade for a depth defense player. Perhaps trade Clemmy to Buffalo for either a pick or a D-man. Buffalo is hurting with their goalie having a high ankle sprain. I don't see a blockbuster deal with the Devils but I expect a move of some sort. Greene is the weakest link in the Devils chain right now. It can be strengthened without having to do a major deal. Lou hasn't let me down yet. 4 SC appearances and 3 SC championships since 1995. Devils are strong in so many areas. I'd like to see this team intact for a playoff run. Scoops
  10. Thanks for the link. Power Rankings I find interesting but really means nothing. Devils are playing very well right now. I'm excited and nervous about the trade deadline. This team is looking good. I'd love another quality defense man but I don't want to give up what makes this team tick. Scoops
  11. Good news for Martin. Devils had suspect defense with him out of the lineup. Shanny needs to rest. 40 year old bodies do not heal quickly. Rest as long as it takes. Devils need him for the stretch run in the playoffs. Scoops
  12. 2 Islanders 3 Ranger Games 1 Dallas 1 Montreal 1 Pitt 1 Flyer 1 The Atlanta Debacle Game (UGH) I still have 3 games left on my 8 game flex plan plus I'm invading MSG vs Rangers on March 30th too. I also have Rounds 1 and 2 Playoff tickets purchased. Wish I could go to more but such is life. Scoops
  13. Well thank you then! The holiday outfits look so dang hot. Keep up the great work. Perhaps I could be cheerleader changing room attendant then? Heh Scoops
  14. I'm still waiting for that "cheerleader outfit inspector" job to be posted. I'm a cinch for that position. Scoops
  15. What a great game by our team. It's awesome to be at those games and I will attest that the Ranger fans in attendance were docile and disheartened. I was in section 101 at the top and the Ranger fans were quiet. Once I heard a lame attempt at a "Lets go Rangers" which was quickly drowned out. Gomez... promptly booed each time he touched the puck. I loved it. Parise - He is all over the ice. Great game. It's so extra sweet to beat the Rangers. The crowd really got into it in the 2nd period when the Devils finally broke though. The people who sit in the top side bleachers in the corner really have the spirit. I got to get a ticket up top sometime so I can add to the noise and cheer. Sometimes the rest of the crowd can be a bit quiet. The noise and excitement were top notch for the Rangers game. Wish the fans could keep it up for all the games. I'll be heading to the Islanders tomorrow and I'll be shouting my head off as usual. LETS GO DEVILS! Scoops
  16. Clarkson got a good lick in the fight but Rupp got owned. Hated to see it but he got clobbered. Scoops
  17. Looks good, thanks for the 411. Scoops
  18. I don't know if the refs "had it in for us" tonight but it sure was a badly called game. I hope the Rangers game they just let both teams play. I'll be at that game. Scoops
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