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  1. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. hahahah Hijack away. There is a great song by a little known 80s metal band called Ivory Tower. The song is entitled Raise Some Hell. It fits the Devils so well.
  2. Whoot, just found it. The Veer Union - Bitter End Any other good songs at the Rock?
  3. I am too old to be listening to new music but when I am at the rock, I do hear some songs that inspire. I have come to enjoy by Otherwise by James Durbin is also pretty good. It took me a while to find those songs and identify. I cant for the life of me figure out what that song is that talks about Never Surrendering. It is played during the highlights and at the beginning of the game. If anybody knows the name or band please let me know. Any other good songs at the rock? Thanks
  4. Shot it with my Sony HX200V. Great camera from the top of section 121. I have other vids of Devils games on my youtube channel. Enjoy Scoops
  5. Hope for another presser like this one.
  6. Game 4 - Rangers @ Devils - May 21, 2012 All Devils Goals http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHs31_9F8wU Game 4 - Rangers @ Devils - May 21, 2012 Loud Henrik Chant and Power Play (no goal) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tq5mAaCRJ68 Elias Gets Chopped, no call (No Thumb, just click the link)
  7. VIDEO ALL 4 Goals Henrik Chant - No goal - Loud Henrik Chant (second one)and Elias gets laid out at the end. - Shot from section 122. More coming soon.....
  8. Got a quick upload on goal #3. Lots more after I get home from work. Enjoy Goal #3 - Zack Parise PP Goal
  9. Scoopscj

    Gaborik Elbow

    Not a targeted hit IMO. Elbow... yes... targeted head on purpose.. no. Should suspend Rupp for that cheap shot on Marty though. Different topic but WTF Rupp?
  10. I took a lot of videos last night. I will upload to youtube after work. I think I got the chant a few times. I will have to go though the vids and organize them. Stay tuned later today.
  11. Scoopscj


    So basically he's suspended for the rest of the playoffs.
  12. Some people who were at the game were angry that the section was standing. Probably his beef. Or the horn drives him crazy.
  13. LINK HERE for Video Classy Flyer Fan flipping people off after goal 3.
  14. Uploaded all four goals HERE on youtube. Taken from section 122. Camera is sony HX200v if you were wondering. Takes great pics and video. Encoded in 420 but raw is 1080. Youtube takes too long for 1080. I'll upload the 1080 after work today. Enjoy. Scoops
  15. "Nudged by Broten, fippled by Broten... SCORE!
  16. I'm very excited but my excitement is tempered by the the lackluster effort our team has put forth in recent years in the playoffs. It seems we can't make it out of round 1 and I think we need a serious run this year. I had such high hopes a few years ago when we lost to Carolina. Drawing the Flyers two years ago was just awful. Worst match up possible. I was so mad when we beat the Sabres in the final game to draw the Flyers. They were a team I did not want to see. I think we are in a great spot this year. Our bane is Boston and Pittsburgh I think and if we can avoid them until the ECF I'll be happy. Of course that's just such a long way away. Let's just get out of round 1 for a change for the love of Pete. Scoops
  17. I'll just post some text, not videos. If you can find these somewhere feel free, but my favorites are 1) Scott Stevens "You're Next" in the 1995 season. 2) That goal by Claude Lemieux vs the Flyers in under 2 minutes on Hextall. 3) Chambers 2 goals in game four 1995 SCF. Both looked so similar. 4) Marty's stick save in 1995 vs Detroit when he stretches to the right and cradles the stick on the goal post. 5) Scotty N coast to coast, 1995 vs Detroit. 6) Marty's Goal vs the Habs. Some of my favorites. I am so partial to 1995. I started watching the Devils the year the made the playoffs with McLean's goal vs Chicago and haven't stopped since. Scoops
  18. Had to post.... the refs ... so bad today. No calls on the Habs today? Seriously? Glad we are still winning though. Well done boys. On to the next one.
  19. Step 1: Get firefox Step 2: Get add on "image block" Step 3: Right click offending image, choose block image. Step 4: ????? Step 5: Profit
  20. Maybe I'm not watching the same games most of you are watching but Ta-LEEN-Dur is doing well (minus the pesky back spasms), Larson has his ups and downs, and Foster has been playing well and shooting well. I'm not sure what the Devils will but I don't see them playing as bad as some of you suggest. My 2 cents. Scoops
  21. I really do hate the Hurricanes. They are 4th on my most despised hockey team list. Kick @$$ Devils! Scoops
  22. I can't believe I read that entire post. Must have been well written because I enjoyed it. Kudos. Scoops
  23. Great write up and read. Thanks. I've always wanted to go there. I just started getting my old arse to different stadiums for NY Giants games. I've made it to FedEx dump, er field 3 times and next year I'll head to the Ravens stadium. I want to visit the Caps place and Boston in the near future. Sounds like a lot of fun. Scoops
  24. Donation made. Thank you for everything. Scoops
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