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  1. What a great game. Clarkson played great and I agree with Napalm's assessment.... a real stinker. You can tell our coach has some brains so I'm sure he saw what we saw. I'd keep the Teddy, Clarkson, Henrique line together and I'd move Napalm down to the 2nd line. Bring up somebody else to play with Kovy and Zach. He was not helping that line at all. Scoops
  2. I think my favorite Doc/Chico moments are when the Devils haul down a player on a trip or something and Doc says something like, There's the trip, and Chico the lovable homer says, "Oh, Doc, I don't know about that." Always makes me smile. Scoops
  3. Missing the game live tonight. I got roped into being the designated driver for friend's bday. SIGH. I'll watch it late late tonight on dvr. Hate that, live is so much better. Scoops Great GDT by the way..
  4. Scoopscj

    Sec 120

    The 122 section is in its infancy. We are learning and trying to add some much needed excitement into the arena. For some of those low attendance games, I'd love for some excitable people to sort of wander into our section and cheer with us. We bunch up so there is plenty of room. I can't vouch for the more popular games but if some peeps want to get involved and are of SOUND MIND, please stop by. I've been to 2 of the 3 home games in the 122 and the people I've met are great. Scoops
  5. Scoopscj

    Sec 120

    Hey, we did a Patrick Elias chant after the goal but it's hard to hear with the noise of the goal and then the goal announcement. Currently we try the "You Can't Do That." chant after the visiting team gets a penalty. I believe in Jersey's team is really difficult to say. Kinda of a tiring chant but people seem to like it. We also try on a power play, "Pass, Shoot, Score" and during a PK. "KILL, KILL, KILL" It's hard to be heard from the uppers and we are trying to get more sections on board with the noise level. I really think it helps the players know we love our team. Scoops PS. Not all of us are college peeps. I'm a 41 year old happy screaming nutty fan too. I work all day, drive 1hour + and stand the entire period. It's tiring but worth it.
  6. No response from the Devils. Part of me wants to just go to the club game and throw away as much of the food as possible... sadly I'm not like that but the evil thought is in my head.
  7. I just received my letter today from the NJ Devils regarding my rewards for being a new season ticket holder. In the letter it explained that my club seats one game perk are for the San Jose game and they are an upgrade not an additional ticket. I am shocked and angry that what I was told and what I will receive are two entirely different things. I attended the Supporters meeting in the summer where I met many fans and ticket representatives who explained some of the perks for buying a full season tickets. I specifically asked about the 'club seats' perk. I asked my ticket representative the following questions, "Are these upgraded seats or additional seats?" I was told they were additional seats and was then told I could even sell those tickets in the secondary market to help defer the cost of my season tickets. I responded, "Great because I don't want to buy supporters tickets and then have to sit in the club seats because it defeats the purpose of being in the supporters section." I then asked about what game I could get for the club seats. I was told by my ticket salesman that I could choose any game I wanted. Now I read in a letter that I've been assigned a game that I didn't choose and that the tickets are an upgrade, not additional tickets like I was told during the sales pitch. I feel very angry and upset that I was lied to. If this is how they treat new customers you can bet you won't have much repeat business. Anybody told this as well? Scoops
  8. MSG. WTF Technical Shemetical. Get this working for the love of Pete.
  9. Hockey hockey hockey hockey hockey, OMG hockey is here. GO DEVILS. OMG hockey. I'm like that little jacked up little kid when they wake up on Christmas morning. GO DEVILS!
  10. I have a set of 2 season tix in the supporters section. I can't make all the games so I want to get rid of a few at cost if possible. Am I allowed to post here? I figured I'd rather sell the tix at cost to a fan who wants to be in that section than attempt to make a profit elsewhere.
  11. Scoopscj

    Season Tickets

    The preseason tickets are print outs not in the regular package right? I thought we got preseason tix and extra preseason tix too? It's not a big deal it's just something I thought we'd get. I wanted to take some friends to a preseason game. Scoops
  12. none. If you're not a NJ Devil then you can go to blazes.
  13. OMG! Sharp Angle SHOT!!!! SCAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, I think he is a decent guy but please for the love of jesus, stop with the sharp angle shot and SCARs.
  14. Hockey can not get here fast enough. Seriously. I know it's not on topic but I just had to get that out.
  15. SterioDesign, I've sat everywhere in the rock from the premium center seats, to against the glass, behind the bench, corners, upper center, behind the goals etc. My favorite seat is the Mez Center and then my second favorite is behind the goals in the 100's. I have seasons in 122 supporters. It's a little off center and the attack zone only once but it really is a good seat. Mez center is a can't miss and a decent price compared to lowers. My 2 cents. Scoops
  16. Whatever you do, don't make this an elite thing where you annoy others that can't make these on a regular basis. If you do other trips perhaps send an email out first to those that have gone before but don't make this a snob thing. I know that's not your intention but I see it happening with the supporters section and those that aren't in it. There is some animosity towards those that have the supporter season tix. This is a wonderful idea and you will not be able to please everyone. I appreciate the organization and effort. Thanks Scoops
  17. I just sent off my email. Again, great job with this. I'd love to do this in other stadiums like the Caps which is only a few hours away or Philly. F those Flyer bastages. Having a bus really makes this worthwhile. Can't wait to see the other crazy fans. I hope we are loud and make our numbers heard in the stadium. Scoops
  18. Scoopscj

    Buyin a Jersey

    I have a Elias, Scott Stevens and a throwback Marty with #29 (You should see the puzzled looks I get sometimes) I'd go with a classic jersey like a Dano or really go nuts and get a Chico Resch. How about Sean Burke or Chris Terreri? Current roster players sometimes make me nervous because of the possibility of a trade.
  19. That's a heck of a deal. I already talked with my friend and as long as there is transportation I'm in for at least two tickets..... Possibly bringing 3-5 more. I've sent the texts around to friends and I'll email with the exact number in a day or so. Great job Colin. Thanks Scoops
  20. Well, I'm not against torrents I just can't find a good torrent link to the game. I tried NHL torrents and no luck there. If you have a link, PM me please. Thanks.
  21. Gah, I don't get that channel. Somebody should record it for me! I used to have it on VHS back in the day, but who knows where it is now.
  22. I'd be all over this if there were transportation provided at an additional cost. Plus a big bus load of Devils fans would be great. Getting to know some other fans are always a big plus! Scoops
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