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  1. Well, I'm not really happy with this. I was hoping for a longer term deal. Zach seems to be a nice guy, class guy and a fan favorite. He is a hard worker and a good athlete. I'd love to see him in Devil red for the next 10 years but so far that's not the case. It doesn't mean he won't be a Devil in the future but this 1 year deal makes me a little nervous. Seriously though, if you are a Devils fan you live with nervous. That's the nature of the team. Bottom line... I was hoping for a longer deal but I trust management. I'd rather see a 1 year deal then to over pay for a player. I wouldn't want to have to be sad in the future about his contract like I did with Rolston. Not comparing the two mind you, just the fact that the contract could be out of wack if he was asking for too many years or too much money. Scoops
  2. First, great vid. Nice of Clarkson to do that. Thanks for the link. Second, That title ... I expected it to be a vid of Clarkson walking or running and then somehow falling down. Seriously.
  3. I see some speculation on this trade and ideas and opinions about making the playoffs and or making a cup run... What I do know from experience is that you never know. You just don't. In football, in 1990 the NY Giants had a lot of question marks.. yet... they played great and won the SB. Same in 2007. Who thought Eli would lead them to the promised land at the start of the year? Not me that's for sure. When Gomez and Madden were rookies and we won in 2000 against Dallas us fans didn't think those rookies would really step up and play off the charts. They did and that was a huge difference. This year we will have Parise, and Kovy. That alone will make us competitive. Add a better coach than Johnny Mac and Jocob Josepheson and Teddy with more seasoning is a good start. I think we still have some question marks but I think this team has a legit shot at making a cup run if our youngsters make some improvements and our coach isn't a complete idiot. Hate seeing a good character guy like Rollie go, but it had to be done. Scoops
  4. When Rollie and the Isles come to the Rock I will totally cheer him, no boos please. He waived his NTC for the team and for himself and he was always a good Devil. Good Luck Rollie... just not against us please! Scoops
  5. Good to hear. I'm a first time season ticket holder this year in the supporters section. I'm looking forward to this season like no other. So.... what do full season ticket holders get as perks? Isn't there a meet and greet during the year or something? Not much info on the Devils side so far with regards to this yet. It's still way early yet I know. Thanks for the link. Scoops
  6. I met Doc at the Rock when he was walking around between periods. I ran up to him quickly, said I thought he was a fantastic broadcaster, he shook my hand and said thanks so much. I told him I didn't want to take up his time and I really appreciated meeting him. He smiled and talked with me for another 30 seconds or so about hockey. He was so humble and genuine. A real normal guy not full of himself. I wish him the best with his twilight years as a broadcaster for NBC and Versus. If we want to hear him again I suggest we get our buttocks back into the playoffs and beyond. Thanks for the wonderful Devils' memories Doc! Scoops
  7. Scoopscj


    11 will always be John Madden in my eyes. Tough to get used to seeing another 11 out there. Mair was 11 right? I don't care what number he wears. I have a funny feeling, not based in fact at all, that he will be traded before the season starts. Not sure why. Hope I'm wrong. He showed some nice potential. Scoops
  8. Border of Ocean and Monmouth County
  9. Awesome! Listening now! Thanks!!! Scoops
  10. Scoopscj

    Zharkov signs

    Now that he is signed let's do the other minor things like Parise, Larsson and a coach. Yeah, those little things are all that's left. /sacrasm off. Happy he signed but we need Parise long term and then I'll be happy. Scoops
  11. LOVE this thread. Keep it up please. I'm enjoying the heck out of it during this slow off season. Thanks Scoops
  12. Well, I really want Zach as a Devil. If management can't get him signed I'll be seriously disappointed. If he wants too much I can understand them signing him for a year and letting him walk. I don't want that to happen but I don't think her deserves 7 million a year either. Make it a solid 6 million and I can live with it. Scoops
  13. This right here in a nut shell. Scoops
  14. Great links, thanks for the read. Scoops
  15. From HFBoards draft thread. Just thought you might enjoy some perspective of other fans. There is soooo much wrong with Larsson going to the Devils. One bad year amongst over a dozen and you could get a franchise defenseman. Lucky ********! The freakin Devils can get Larsson. Unreal! wow Larsson for the Devils. Thats sick. lou is gonna have a heart attack running up to the podium to select larsson ****ing Devils, how do they work Devils have won two lotteries. On draft drawing night and now on draft night getting Adam Larsson Leave it to LOU to steal the BPA in the draft and steal the only player that you could definitely put FRANCHISE next to his name. Devils are going to have another Nidermyer in their hands...... Just amazing. so devils with their hard work, and epic almost comeback, get rewarded by the hockey gods with who I believe should have been the #1 pick. I hate the Devils. I absolutely hate these ****ers! You guys are too ****ing lucky!!! Absolute steal for New Jersey. Lou's awesome. Larsson's awesome. Damn you, Devils. highway robbery , NJ is lucky twice - Lou is classy to congratulate my Bruins Wow, Devils with Larsson. And here begins another 10+ year playoff streak... Good job, low level teams. You just let the freaking Devils get Adam Larsson. HOW? Steal by the Devils. I bet umpa-lumpa Lamouriello is feeling like a bandit right now. why the **** would you take Huberdeau over Larsson... the Panthers deserve to suck for the next 10 years. I'm feeling pretty good about this pick. LETS GO DEVILS!!!! Scoops
  16. His goal, no question. It's pretty clear after watching the playoffs that the Devil's needed more scoring and a bit better defense. We weren't really going anywhere without Parise and the lack of scoring. This year was really a blessing in disguise. Our Devils had a great second half which generated some excitement. We got very lucky with the draft lottery and hopefully get a real good player from that. We are primed for a good run in the next few years with a nice combination of youth and experience. We still have holes and questions like many teams but I feel good about our chances. Sometimes you have to lay down and bleed a while and get back up to continue the battle. This year was our year to bleed. Next year we come back stronger and make a solid run. Scoops
  17. Hey guys, I bought two sets of season tix in the supporters section. There is no way I can make all the games and any rabid supporter cheering loud fans that would like first crack at the games at cost are welcome to it. I'll post the games I can't make on the boards here. Face value of 22 bucks per ticket is all I'll ask for. I have a few friends that are grabbing some tix too, about 10 games. I'll be attending about 20 games which leaves about 14 games up for grabs. When the schedule comes out I'll post here. Scoops
  18. MOCK DRAFT SITE Enjoy for what it's worth. Scoops
  19. I'll add the following... - Watching the Rangers, Flyers, and Penguins lose in the playoffs. Scoops
  20. Nice! Thanks for the article link. Scoops
  21. The Devils set up the top 8+ rows in section 122 for the supporters. I believe it's reserved for those that want to stand,cheer and be loud. I don't believe people will have the ability to complain if people are standing which is great. I went to the meeting for the supporters and although I did buy a set of season tickets it wasn't anything I could not do over the phone. There were no perks for these seats other than being in the supporters section. I a bit miffed that they made me drive all the way up for something I could have done over the phone. Still, the Supporters section is a great idea and it needs to continue. The Devils management should at least have a sign made for the section. All in all I'm excited to be a part of that next year. Scoops
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