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  1. Every point, every game, every shift, every period is critical to getting ahead. I'm psyched already and it's 9:30 in the morning. Let's get it done boys, beat those Stars and grind them into the ice. Scoops
  2. Let's go ISLANDERS! God I feel so dirty rooting for some of these teams. Rooting for the Flyers and Rangers... I need to take a shower I feel so dirty. At least the Islanders haven't been a factor for years and I don't feel too too awful rooting for them.
  3. WHOOOT> Empty netter! Tharashers LOSE!
  4. Sigh, this one gives me a stomach ache. Both teams will be tired but Carolina has the home cooking. This is going to be tough tough tough. Scoops
  5. I'll be there in 101 screaming my head off. Let's go boys, drop those uppidy clowns from NY. Scoops
  6. Section 117 by the way for Supporters Islander game. Not sure yet for Caps game.
  7. I got 4 tix for islanders supporters game. The caps game.. I need to find some friends to go. I hate going alone.
  8. The upside of those getting cheap club seats is there will be guys/gals wearing Jersey's and really cheering and screaming vs the people who don't even stand when we get a goal. UGH. That just annoys me when nonfans are in those seats. Scoops
  9. Section 230 for me tonight. I usually am in the balcony. I bought these at stub hub for 9 bucks each last month. Somebody is taking a beating on these but nothing I can do about that. I'll be the balcony on Friday too vs Rangers. Let's really rock the ROCK. Get loud tonight if you are going. Scoops
  10. I will be there in the upppers tonight screaming my head off. Let's go boys, bring us a win in regulation please! Scoops
  11. First, about ego... I'm in the Supporters section because I love to yell and scream but feel like a dolt when I'm doing it by myself in the balcony. Shouting with a bunch of crazy people makes it all ok. Also, any word on Islander tickets for the event yet? I have friends interested in going too. I might be able to bring 3 more to add to the noise and atmosphere. Thanks to all who come and bring life to the Rock. I love it. Scoops
  12. Wow what a game. I came over in the 2nd period and stood behind the section screaming my head off. I had come with friends so I couldn't leave them for long. I would have asked them to join me but one was in a wheel chair and it would have been difficult. Anyway, great idea, great game and great job getting this together on such short notice. Love Kovy's comment about the crowd. Scoops
  13. Reminder, whoever has that gigantic banner.. bring it! :0) Heck of a job Satans Hockey
  14. Ok, after posting I realize how dumb this question was. If I can't find you guys, I don't deserve to have a brain. Sigh. Thanks.
  15. Ok,, Satan's hockey... I have tix for this game but I'd love to walk over and join you all. Can you post what section you'll be in so I can stand with you and add my voice to the supporters? Thanks Scoops
  16. I'm in. I'll either drive up by myself or drag some friends along. Since my friends are dirt poor I'll be picking up the tab. I had such a blast last time. Loved standing and screaming my head off. Next time I'm going to pack some Advil and a vicks sucker for my throat. haha. Loved it. Scoops
  17. I'll buy at least half season tickets in the Devils Supporters section (if there is one next year). Conditional if they resign Parise. Sorry, but he is my favorite Devil and they can't let him go. Scoops
  18. LOL What is sad about that quote is.... it is true. Scoops
  19. I have to say I agree with the others who said they missed this feeling. I screamed at home so loud after Teddy scored that OT goal. I sure missed it. I'm going to the Sharks game on the 11th and Carolina game on the 16th. I hope they can keep up this streak and give us some exciting hockey down the stretch. Scoops PS. Let's get another Supporters game please! I had such a blast.
  20. I have a prior commitment so I can't go to this game. I wish I could. LGD. This is a huge game.... HUGE. Scoops
  21. I had a blast. Thanks for organizing this and creating this thread informing us of this wonderful section. It brought some much needed energy. Suggstions for chants: I love the I believe chant but I think it should be like this. I believe I believe I believe that we will win I believe that we will win I believe that we will win Clap clap clap clap clap LETS GO DEVILS CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP clap Let's go Devils Clap Clap Clap Clap clap Lets go devils Something like that. Leaving as it is, is also great too. I also want to get the rest of the crowd going by doing something like this. (Whole group) WE SAY LETS GO YOU SAY DEVILS (fast) (Whole group) WE SAY LETS GO YOU SAY DEVILS (fast) (Whole group) LETS GO (rest of the stadium) Devils (Whole Group) LETS GO (rest of the stadium) Devils We can also do more we say chants like when a play. Overall I had a tremendous time and I never burned more calories at a Devils game before. haha. Fantastic time. I'd do that every game I attend even if I've got tickets elsewhere. Scoops
  22. I will be in 118 supporters section with my friend's kid her friend. We'll be screaming our heads off too. LETS GO DEVILS. Playoffs or no, I just want them to play well and I want to show my support for the team and organization. Scoops
  23. I LOVE THIS. I got 3 tickets for section 118. Tell me what you want me to bring. Need me to make a sign or something? Make sure you pass out some info about the chants please. Let's rock the ROCK. Scoops This 100%
  24. If any of you were in the upper corners for the Sunday Florida game, KUDOS. You guys rocked the stadium with your cheer's and energy. I was in awe. This is how our arena should be. I need to get tickets up there. Grats guys. You rocked! Scoops
  25. Very jacked up for this game. I'll be there in 101 cheering my head off. LETS GO DEVILS!
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