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  1. Can't believe how starved for hockey I am, that I'm listening to a preseason radio broadcast. Sheesh. Can't wait for opening night. I'll be there screaming my head off. LGD. Scoops
  2. Scoopscj

    Opening Night

    I do the flex plan. I've had it the last two years. My Ticket rep said flex plan not on sale until next week. So.. um... if I get shut out of the season opener with the flex plan I'm going to go bananas. Bad marketing. Scoops
  3. Keep the donate thread pinned for a while. I know some of us would be happy to donate again in a few months too. We'll just need a reminder. Scoops
  4. In order to take Rolston Lou will have to hire Heidi Fleiss and her stable of whores to work over the owners. Scoops
  5. Donated a few dollars. Wish I could give more. Scoops Oh, and thanks for everything you do for the boards. I don't post often but I lurk and I do appreciate. LETS GO DEVILS!
  6. Here is how it went down. NHL Players Association "You got the decision for us?" NHL: We need more time. NHLPA "CBA says deadline is 5pm. We are waiting for your decision." NHL: We are denying the contract. NHLPA: We agree you can have two more days. NHL: Thought so.
  7. If the contract gets approved and they trade Travis I'll lose my flippin mind. Now Lou can move Salvador, Rolston and Zubbs, I'll be sad (for Zubruis) but that would be a miracle. Scoops
  8. is what should happen to Mr. Bettman.
  9. I think I just saw Marty on the live feed on NJDevils home page.
  10. Season ticket holders have to buy the preseason games like NFL or do they just give them to the season ticket holders? Thanks for replying. Scoops
  11. Anybody go to a preseason game? What is the price of those tix?
  12. Scoopscj

    Devils Goal Song

    What team has the goal song that sort of stops, and the entire stadium says, WHOOOOOOO. I want to say Boston but maybe it is some West Coast team. ' My 2 cents... I like RRII but I wouldn't mind a switch either. Remember Lou said BIG CHANGES. Could mean our goal song too. Hahah Scoops
  13. If Rolston produced like a 5+ mil player I'd be thrilled but right now he is playing like a 2 mil player. That drives me nuts. I love his attitude and his desire, I dislike his inability to hit the back of the net, or heck.. the net itself. If Lou can shed the salary and somehow keep Zubes, I'll be blown away.
  14. My dream is to crush the Penguins in the conference finals and winning the cup vs the Sharks. Oh, and add a little Ann Hathaway in a hot tube while I'm dreaming.... Kovy will help us reach the mountain but at what expense? I'm excited and also worried about how our team is shaping up and how it will shake out this year. My favorite players are Zach, Clarkson, Zubrus, and Marty. I really don't want to see Zach not get resigned because of this and I don't want to see Zubrus go. I never thought I could be so excited yet so worried and stressed at the same time. Stupid game. haha. Scoops
  15. We need Zuuuuuuuuuuuuuuubrus. I hate to see him go. Roslton, Mr. slapshot hits the glass behind the goal and Mr. Lose every puck battle could go, it would save us a lot of grief. Salvador can be traded. He'll find a nice home somewhere. Figure one of our prospects are going bye bye, my guess is Toronto. Rolston and a Prospect for a 3rd round pick in next years draft to Toronto. Something like that. Kabarle is going bye bye for younger players. Toronto is gearing up for youth and prospects. GM was willing to take on salary last year for prospects. I figure he'll do the same this year. Just a theory. Take it for what it's worth. If Rolston comes with a decent prospect Toronto GM may take on salary. My guess is Corentte and Rolston to Toronto. Salvador to somewhere. Boom, that should be enough to keep Zuuuuuuuuuuuuuubrus.
  16. If you have the time, go watch the video two Kings fans made about the Kovy Hostage Crisis. http://www.mynhltraderumors.com It's right up on top of the page. It's pretty good. Scoops
  17. Those ice girls should clean... When I see em..... I feel dirty.... I would laugh my buttocks off if Kovy went to some team nobody said like the Coyotes or something. That would just be funny as heck.
  18. We need a dose of the Devils Dancers to brighten our upcoming days. I love those uni's with the strapless shoulder exposed. My Fav... Kovy, W-H-A-T-E-V-E-A-H Do, Don't, I'm sick of it. Sign Zach longterm and I'll be happier. Not saying I won't be happy with Kovy though.
  19. Islanders woman... the way she's holding that stick.......... Penguins fan girl... cute.
  20. omg HE'S A KING, NO WAIT, .... A Devil.. no wait.. KHL... decision soon .... or not... maybe .... no... .YES today, 99% chance he signs... no he won't. I'm seriously bored with the thread now. Post more ninja pictures or some hit chicks in hockey gear. That is all. Scoops... OUT
  21. Bah, he was always a rental with an option. I won't boo him. Gomez.. yeah.... Kovy.. nah. He was with us, what... 2 months? We cheer for Gionta and Madden.... let's leave Kovy as a non factor. Everybody deserves to play where they are happy (Except the Rangers). If he is happy in LA, then good for him. Scoops
  22. If Clarkson could skate and not fall down he'd be able to make about 1 mill more per year. Sad but true. Love Clarky but man, practice the skating my man.
  23. If he doesn't want to play for the Devils, then I don't want him on "my" team. Take care Kovy. Let's support the guys we got. Scoops
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