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  1. Koivu getting insane money for his production. Wild not being thrifty.
  2. About soccer's one nothing games, no I'm not knocking attendance but a 1-0 hockey game can be way more exciting than a 1 nothing soccer game. More scoring chances, more back and forth play etc. I remember a 0-0 Ranger Devil game that was so dang exciting and ending in an Elias shootout win in the 4th round. A well played game by both teams. That was exciting. To me at least, soccer seems boring. I may be in the minority on these boards but I just can't get all jacked up about it. Scoops
  3. I'll tell you something encouraging about Hockey. I'm not rich, and I can't get to a lot of games a year. I usually get to about 15 games a year. (not counting playoffs) Of those games I try to take friends or my peers at work and I always get, "Wow, that was fun" or "Let's do that again." or I didn't know Hockey was this good in person." and I've had those friends call me and ask me to go to games again. My work friend wants to get in on the 'flex' plan this year with me and my gal pal. It's nice to hear from those not usually accustomed with hockey become excited about it. We really need an NHL films equivalent of the NFL films. Hockey needs more promoting as a sport in general. Specifically in the USA. We need some 'behind the scenes' footage, more information for the public. Scoops
  4. Hockey is one of the most intense, athletic, skilled, well rounded sport in the world. It's fast paced and highly entertaining. I can't understand why people don't find it as exciting as I do. It boggles my mind that baseball and soccer are more popular. Soccer and baseball just kill me. Baseball is too long and boring and soccer... soccer is skilled no question but it's too many 1-0 games and the utter lack of anything exciting that really get to me. In hockey you can make a comeback 3-0 with 3 minutes left. It's difficult and rare but doable. Soccer... 2-0 with 5 minutes left is a loss for the losing team. Anyway, back to Kovy... Sign with the dang Kings already and end this drama. Please. Scoops
  5. At this point I hope he signs with LA. It's obvious it's his first choice. I'd hate to be the team he settled for. If he does come to us and has to 'settle' then we won't see his best and we'll have to pay though the nose to get it. Sign with LA already and end the drama for us fans. I'll miss you Kovy, but please end our suffering. Scoops
  6. Well, it saddens me he really wants to play for LA. Can't be mad at the the guy for wanting what he wants but still, wish he wanted to be a Devil. I agree. This isn't a Stanley Cup Team as it stands now without Kovy. Rolston will simply get beat on the boards and when he does get a slap shot it will hit the glass above the goal. I wouldn't be at all crabby about him if his contract wasn't so awful. Having no Kovy will at least give us some wiggle room with the cap. We'll be competitive this year, probably make the playoffs and totally be out in the first round again if the status remains the same. Some awful contracts, Marty on his last legs, and a lack of some scoring is what our problem is. I just hope this drama ends sooner than later, either way. Im tired of checking NHL.com and other sites daily. Scoops
  7. Ok, time to toss my 2 cents into the ring..... I'd love to have Kovy, but not at the expense of not signing Parise to a long term deal. If I had to choose, it would be Parise. I'm tired of waiting but it is what it is. If we don't sign Ilya then we have cap room to move. If we do sign him, we have no cap but an amazing talent. I am really excited about this year. Scoops
  8. Why not all games worth 3 points, 1 for OT, and 2 for a win. Regulation win = 3 pts. OT win = 2 points OT loss = 1 point. All games worth the same.
  9. I'm going to the game, I'm so jacked right now. I just hope we win because I'm all grouchy and irritable when the Devils lose. Scoops Ever notice when the Devils win it's "We Won", but when they lose, it's "THEY lost?"
  10. Scoopscj

    Devils VS Flyers

    This series scares the bejesus out of me. I did not want the Flyers at all. Sigh. This series is going to force me to drink heavily.
  11. My friend and I won this contest http://devils.nhl.com/club/page.htm?id=61636 We just told the principal of my school and he is not ready to commit. Help me with some reasons why he should say yes! If he says no I guess they can do my car or something.
  12. Honest answer, Pens have the easier schedule. Who do I want to play... Anybody BUT the Flyers or Carolina. Thank GOD it's not Carolina. I'm going to both games, so I'm hoping for a division crown. Scoops
  13. Great Vids Cubanjd305. Well done!
  14. That that video gave me chills. WELL DONE. WELL DONE!!!!!! Thanks Scoops
  15. I was at work and they left them in the ups envelope between my screen door and outer front door ... just like always. It's nice not to have to sign for the tix.
  16. Scoopscj

    playoff predictions

    Well, I think Washington vs the Rangers is round 1. IF, and I say IF the Devils can lock up the second seed I think it's Devils vs Boston. I think Buffalo takes the 3rd seed and plays the Canadians. and finally it's Pitt vs Senators. The Devils can drop all the way to 4th seed. I'd rather be 2nd because I want to put off playing the Capitals as long as possible. Scoops I think anything can happen. I won't make any predictions .... yet.... Scoops
  17. I haven't yet. Still waiting. Anybody else. Also, where you guys sitting? I'm in section 104. Scoops
  18. Um, do you mean season tickets for 2010-2011? Tickets for October's opener... due in April? /puzzled
  19. I vote for a demotion of the "you suck:" chant to be replaced by ... HEY, "We want the CUP!... HEY..... da dum.. WE WANT THE CUP...." Playoff edition plz. Scoops
  20. When he scores, I want the goal sound, then the HEY song with HEY, and trade YOU SUCK with Kovel - CHUCK HEY.. .KOVEL-CHUCK
  21. LOL OMG. Chico just said... "Marty can't believe how big Kovi is from the waist down." ROFL Chico.
  22. Near the Stop and Shop. about 1/2 mile. Toss me an PM if you want to hit up a game or two. I have a regular friend who goes to the games with me but sometimes she doesn't have the funds. I'm always looking to head up to the Rock. Laterz. Scoops
  23. Jackson, NJ getting hit HARD by snow. 1:00pm now on Sat and it's still coming down hard. Oh the weather outside is frightful, but having Kovelchuck is so delightful, Oh since I've got no place to go, Let it snow let it snow let it snow. It doesn't show signs of stopping, I can't wait for the puck to be dropping. Let the Devils get goal after goal, let it snow.... let it snow... let it snow.
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