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  1. just win. cant wait to see #9 out there!
  2. they have added lots to the front there and still are two huge lots in the front that are gated up and don't have a sale sign on them. Lets get the hotel done first
  3. Since it looks like no big FA signing for us, might see a little 'money puck'
  4. Bryce is managing partner of xhockeyproducts.com mainly for coaching and development. That place in video is his office space. I don't
  5. Clarkson would be sitting in Lous office to be on this trade.
  6. Ill never say he left for the money, but he lied to this organization and the fan base.
  7. i think this was done to cancel the overpayment of Volchy and talinder. one of them will be moved.
  8. Worst online shop ever you cant buy any nHL stuff
  9. Sometimes I thing a gossip site like TMZ makes things look different
  10. as per their release, get there at 4 to welcome em back!
  11. no. the two dumbest threads in the last 2 weeks are "Loudest Arena's in NHL" and "Why are the devils even in the finials" over on hFBOARDS
  12. my favorite insult is garabage dumps and landfills. LA/Calfornia has two of the largest in the world.
  13. the one thing we do well is adjust. they have not faced ANY adversity.
  14. That rangers suck chant was def being chanted by the 16,999 devils fans there so clear through TV. Any other person watching in another market must of realized, wow they hate that team
  15. Keep checking ticketmaster, they will release more tickets once the other team is decided. and if the rangers lose...check stubhub becase you probally had 100 rangers fans buy some tickets as a win/win
  16. There are so many damn variables to this it's straight up annoying, I agree this is the same story over and over. nothing new here. I was reading in an article the other day the average fan spends 8 dollars outside the arena( on average) and 13-16 dollars inside the aren(on average). Times this by the 18,711 tickets printed....( not saying sold, printed)
  17. Less then 300 Philly fans there. Sunday may have more being it a weekend. Marty played like Marty. Can't get in him, flyers are Flyers are paid to score goals, too BTW noone in NJ can legally buy and use a taser ( police included).
  18. took a chance on tikcets i won on WFAN. gave my tix to friend
  19. SEASON SERIES 3-3 With bryz in net, the first goal of this series will be important and hopefully it is the devils who score. We have not scored on him besides poni and in general we haven't scored on the flyers in the playoffs. With this being said, i am extremly confident for this series.I don't care about prices of tickets and what color is going to be in our building this week. I feel that we match up with this team better then we have the past few years. Just like our 4th line (CBGB) helped us win last round, going to need them again! LETS GO DEVILS!
  20. robdeselich88

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    i am not a "general"
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