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  1. Anchor Bar is the original place, they are good wings, but if you go to Duff's (another wing place) they are even better. There is a bar pretty close to the arena called Pearl Street Brewery. It is very good and I definetly suggest going there. The beers they brew are really good.
  2. I have a ticket for sect 127 row 8w seat 3 i paid 47.15 for the ticket pus the ticketexchange fee, total was $49.50. Selling for same price $50. It is an e-ticket, i can bring you the ticket I have printed out or forward you the ticket as well so you can print it out at your convenience. Please email me kevin_drew@comcast.net if you are interested! Thanks! Kevin
  3. its always easy to blame the goalie, so a$$holes always do that. What they dont realize is it is the defense and wingers not backchecking that also lead to goals. Staal burned the defense down the boards, time after time Carolina wingers burned the D down the boards to generate some offense. Time after time devils could not clear the zone or turned it over. How many backdoor goals have to go in before the defense realizes they have to cover the passing lane for that man? You can not expect a goalie to stop a back door shot when the pass is coming from the point, he has to challenge the man with the puck. Everyone expects Brodeur to be able to do everything, stop everything. Not possible. His responsibility is the man with the puck, not the pass. So tell the defense to take away the backdoor, tell the defense to clear the zone and there you go.. Theres a couple goals gone already and there is atleast 2 wins in the series. And as for Brodeur has never done anything or carried the team, how about 1995?? Like you said that was in the past, but to say he has never carried them? Detroit peppered Marty. Devils lost as a team, they gave up late goals and they did not produce. Lets not forget they did lose 4-0... Thats marty's fault too right?? He gave up a goal and devils didnt score, so lets blame that one on him as well.
  4. yeah he gave up 4 goals, 2 with possible interference, but he still kept them in that game, the shorthanded attempt that he stop when it was 3-1?? Without Marty that game would have been over right there, that would have been 4-1. And he was pissed at the ref's. Every year its the same thing, they let contact go until someone complains then calls it tightly for a few games. That inconsistency is what frustrates people including Marty. Both instances have been called at different points during the season but not this past game. Granted other factors could have prevented both goals.
  5. exactly, its a short time frame he is out, you dont need a C on the ice. He is still present and talking with the guys, he is still a leader. Him being out and still being a leader in the lockerroom can be a lot of motivation for the team.
  6. He got them on that 12 home game winning streak almost all the way up to the playoffs. He is a underated coach because he was in Toronto.
  7. yup... didnt even notice that, thanks. I sold them however if anyone was interested.. sorry
  8. Once again due to work, I am unable to attend the game. UGH!!! Sect 232 row 9 seats 1-2 That is the face value of the ticket and you dont have to pay a service fee. Pay with paypal and I can email you the tickets as soon as I get the receipt. I have sold tickets here before and will be prompt with sending you the tickets
  9. I have been looking online to see if there was one printed or will be. Anyone know of hear of a SI issue with Brodeur on the cover for the wins record?
  10. needed flyers to lose in regulation tonight.
  11. i like it. i think we can change the guy tho. maybe a different logo?? but i love the idea of it
  12. gotta be awesome to see your son become somethin larger than life
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