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  1. So i just moved down to Florida and i am thinking about getting Center Ice for this season. Now I know that the games will not be in HD but is it worth the money? Can you typically get the games online in HD at the least? Give me some input here. Thanks!
  2. rcarlsen

    Yet another contest

    i entered. let's see what happens
  3. Got here at like 545 and got section 1 row 6
  4. i got my tickets for this. i've never seen the Oilers play in person. hopefully these are lower level seats since probably no one is going to this game.
  5. hopefully with the Nets winning in our building we get some of their luck when we return home.
  6. I was there section 340 row a. seats had a decent view, just couldn't see the corner right in front of us. I'm really surprised the ranger fans weren't heckling us at all.
  7. so i just called the box office. they are random seats
  8. wow thats pretty sick, did you ask if all of the tickets are that low?
  9. i won this too. my buddy who also posts on this board won tickets as well.
  10. was it just me or was the feed for the game really sh!tty?? i am watching the Canucks game right now and there feed even though its not in HD is really good. i feel like writing in and complaining about it.
  11. Lets do this tonight! Have been looking forward to this day for a while now.
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