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  1. how does this thread not have 100 pages already
  2. We all need to relax, that's a girl. Taylor needs a woman, because he's got a grown man's game.
  3. BIG GAME. If we want to be competitive in the playoffs, this team needs to heat up and get on a winning streak. I still think we get bounced in the first round, but hopefully we can make it a long series. Is there any news on MoJo's return?
  4. We out here fam Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  5. I definitely wouldn't mind one of those d-men but I would want them not test the open market after Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  6. Mu6atu

    Congrats Taylor!

    Just because he is clearly the Devils' best player, doesn't necessarily mean he should wear the C. Taylor Hall deserves to be the All-Star, and his attitude and dialogue has really impressed me lately.
  7. I don't see the devils making a blockbuster trade this season. I would be happy moving Lovejoy for a draft pick, but that isn't detrimental. I am already happy that we traded Henrique for Vatanen. The devils need to focus on the off season with all that cap space, and also need to make sure that we don't just give someone money because we can
  8. It's a shame that Severson isn't back in the line-up. He's been our best defender thus far, and should be in the line-up every game. Especially against a fast and offensively talented Stars team. I can just see Lovejoy and Butcher getting dominated tonight. These are the times I really question Hynes's ability in managing a team's personnel.
  9. completely disagree with that statement
  10. The Devils are playing much better since Zajac came back into the lineup, since Zajac is super under-rated and just a complete beast in all situations. It is really a shame that he has such terrible puck luck, or else were talking about a player who resembles Kyle Turris. Also Severson took a huge step forward in his play this year, love what we're getting out of him
  11. I agree that our team is not as good as our record and we should be considered as a "bubble" team. With that being said, the devils are clearly trying to play a counter attack brand of hockey, which isn't shown through advanced stats. As a team we have a lot of scoring chances and high scoring chances every game, whether or not we are getting dominated in shot count or possession.
  12. I think you're underestimating what Zajac brings to the table. Very hard to find a player like him in the league who drives offensive possession (even though he can't buy a goal), very good in the faceoff circle, and pretty elite defensively at the forward position.
  13. Bratt makes our c*ck fat
  14. Is it just me or does Bryce Salvador have the most passive voice ever. How is he a telivision personality
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