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  1. wishes i could watch olympic hockey at work

  2. icejerseys.net always has the best quality and im fairly certain they had the rockies jersey there as well
  3. did anyone at last nights game (11/26) see the devils alley pub on the second concourse? whats the deal, is it just a concessions stand for beer or like an actual pub?
  4. Johnnie walker red label.....classy as can be
  5. wowowowow....actually, doesn't seem like that big a deal
  6. yea my guess is either shanny or rolston shannys been playing well and very smart esp in game three, and i just think rolston is due
  7. they already ran a lengthy article in an issue a couple weeks ago if i am recalling right..
  8. total LOL at both those ideas, one because we all love weeksie and two because every saturday night game we have to deal with amateur hour with Steve Cangialosi, and its awful "ELIAS...SHOT...SCAARRRR!"
  9. RIP?? i think the contest is over, login works but i cant select new picks for tonight...its a shame bc i was only one tile from an autographed stick
  10. I felt the same way thats why i just compromised with a shanahan t shirt
  11. isnt it obvious that i would say JEFF FRIESEN! haha he made the 2003 cup that much more special to me..the game 7 goal against Ottawa...priceless
  12. ever since gomez left i always thought gionta would be next to sign a fat deal somewhere esle..his numbers obviously dont warrant that kind of deal but someone will be willing to give it to him
  13. Thanks for the tip, maybe ill try em soon
  14. So does anybody no of any bars in the area of Northern New Jersey that show alot of hockey and maybe host to devils fans primarily? Ive heard that ABG (Allendale Bar & Grill) is a pretty big devils bar but are there any others out there?
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