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  1. TG on NHL network now. Kinda odd seeing him there.
  2. I am so mad at myself for not going. What a perfect finale.
  3. I hear you man, and I want to believe too. But it's not happening.
  4. No. This team has zero chance of a playoff spot.
  5. https://www.nhl.com/news/canadiens-subban-pledges-10-million-to-hospital/c-779258 "the biggest philanthropic commitment by a sports figure in Canadian history." The definition of selfish right there.
  6. Really? You're surprised that people talk about the most dynamic offensive talent we have ever had when it relates to the possibility of him making an NHL comeback?
  7. Lulz? He lied to us? Grow up. Hes a human with human issues. You think he signed the contract with the plan to break it? How exactly did he lie? He left to go home and to make more money after being wooed by the KHL while our a$$hole league was locked out. "waaa he lied" Stupid.
  8. When he left I was pissed, but a lot of posts here and on TGs blog talking about what a bad guy Kovalchuk is. Remember the swarm it up shirts? The 'this is team' stuff? By most accounts he seemed like a solid locker room guy. I don't buy all the 'locker room cancer' stuff. Im not saying he should be brought back for sure, but I do know that many of my best Devils memories and moments in the last 5 years involved him. Nobody was more exciting. I haven't jumped off my couch in excitement since those days. Plus I spent $300 or whatever on an authentic jersey when he signed the big deal.
  9. F Ilya Kovalchuk will stay with his KHL team until April 30th. He will not play during the playoffs. per Twitter
  10. Seriously. $10MM is a HUGE HUGE donation for the level of income he is making. Imagine donating over a year of your salary to a cause. That is absurd and should be unanimously praised.
  11. Cory is ridiculous. Blandisi can't seem to stay on his feet.
  12. I'm a Stern fan and never liked O&A but Norton is hilarious on the show these days and the only reason I listen. When is he in Jersey?
  13. I just play online ranked games and they have Merrill on the 4th line.
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