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  1. The two aren't the same. Most providers offer NHL network without any pay.

    Awesome. Never realized this. NHL tonight for free sounds good to me. Weekes is great.

  2. A solution to those who don't want to spend the $80 on Stanley Cup edition but also don't want to look at Giroux's mug all year, made this cover myself on Photoshop after the NHL awards when Giroux was announced as the cover athlete.



    Enjoy guys! :cheers:

    Got any High res so I can print it and put it in the case?

  3. That is like adding up thre cost of your gf. If you do it for love you don't add it up. Did you buy the sth tix as a business deal or as a fan?

    That being said, sometimes you just can't afford to continue the commitment.

    That's ok. We understand.

    I'm anal and I have a strict budget. But youre right.

  4. As some of you know, I createda little excel utility at the beginning of the year to keep track of my STH costs. This is how it turned out.


    Made some money on games and lost on others. Took my GF to games for free here and there, sold some to friends for cheap etc. What it boils down to is 15 regular season games and 9 playoff games attended for a total cost of $1855. (Including beers,transportation, etc) Really not bad. It was however quite a commitment, and with my finances right now for the moment I've decided not to lay out the cash for nexy year, although that may change.

  5. Just got my first tattoo today. What do you guys think?


    Even in our darkest hour, I still love the New Jersey Devils. :)

    I think you're insane.

  6. this could hurt the Devils chances of getting Tukka Rask. I really want him for a backup/potential Marty replacement someday (him or that anderson guy on Vancouver). Thomas is a class act, i respect him for boycotting the white house for whatever reason. Rooted for Bruin s last year cause me and wife wanted him to get a cup. She went a little to far and bought a bobble head of him which i disapproved of (she has a crush on him but moreso Clarkson) but it was okay cause i noticed it looked more like her friends husband which skeeved her out.

    Congrats on an awful post through and through.

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  7. "We" did not give them anything. It was never under the jurisdiction of New Jersey and was never "ours" to "give." So no, it's not really "in" New Jersey. And please do not cite Wikipedia when you're trying to make a valid point because that entry you quoted is misleading and borderline incorrect.

    But that's aside from the point.

    If you fail one year, consistency goes out the window. The team is in the process of rebuilding that consistency but it's embarrassing to flout consistency when the team is one year removed from missing the playoffs.

    Get out.

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