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  1. I am a STH but looking for a pair for Friday for my brother. Anyone selling any please PM me or email me at johnsdent@comcast.net


  2. I am not the only one working sat, which is good to hear. Just if a player gets injured I mIght see them. So if that happens I sure hope they are wearing white...

    I considered going to the game then going to work after, but it's just too much hassle. I've been to every playoff game so far so it wont feel too bad to get a few bucks back. Just dont want them going to Rag fans

  3. Rangers series would be

    Monday 14th at MSG

    Wednesday 16th at MSG

    Saturday 19th at Pru

    Monday 21st at Pru


  4. Depends on where you sit. My tickets (129) where $62 round 1 and $68 round 2. I doubt the price went down to $59 for round 3.

    What row?

    $59/$75 makes sense for me because it multiplies out to the total.

    I believe mine in 104 (row 1-3 tickets are still more expensive) were $72 and $85 face. I paid something like $10-$12 less than that for buying ahead of time. I would expect round 3 to be near $100 and round 4 to be over.

    I paid much less than the face for mine.

    Round 1 was $46 and round 2 was $53.

  5. Invoice in the mail just gives the per seat price for round 3&4 in total. Not a per game price

    Guess I'll call a rep. I'd like to know what the per game price is for when I sell them to friends that go to the game with me. :noclue:

  6. I'll be there in 107. I am hoping for the most ridiculous atmosphere at The Rock to date. Just hope there arent too many Flyers fans.

    Cant wait.

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