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  1. Here's a random as sh!t question for the board: during our 2012 run, does ANYONE know what the name of the song that was playing in the background of the intro video when the Patton quotes were being shown with clips of our playoff history?

    I know the red intro song is Nine Inch Nails and the main highlight video song was Bitter End by the Veer Union, just cant for the life of me figure out what that bridging song was...

    I'm sorry I don't know the name of it but that was the best intro I have ever seen. I can still watch that and get chills.

    The beginning with the radar too, then the chants. Man that was great.

    As an aside, the intro music to walking dead reminds me of the song you're looking for.

  2. Great, you figured out that some people use hyperbole on message boards. So what? What does what you just wrote prove? That posters who say that they watch on mute really don't have an issue with Dano? It doesn't mean that they don't dislike his announcing, it simply means that they have enough grasp of the English language to use exaggeration to emphasize a point. Everyone knows that people don't really watch on mute, we just all understand that it's humorous phrasing not to be taken literally, except for you apparently.

    It's not humorous. It's stupid and a weak attempt at looking like some sort of rebellious badass.

  3. I can understand that but at this point I put him in the same category as Gomez back in 2007 when he signed with the Rangers. In addition to the paycheck, like Gomez who bought into the stories that Sather thought he was a 90+ player being held back by the Devils system, Clarkson probably also bought into the hype around him being called the next Wendel Clark by the Toronto media (and ML execs as well from what I've heard). Both Gomez and Clarkson just were too stupid to know that it was really the Devils system that propped them up and not held them down like they wanted to believe.

    Why would you think that at all. That's stupid.

    None of this is Clarksons fault.

  4. A good GM would always open an ear to an offer, sure. If, let's say, Carolina offered up Jeff Skinner, Cam Ward, and a 1st rounder, I would do it. Why not.

    Absolutely not.

  5. Lol at you.Im all for the chant WHEN THE TEAM IS GOOD. Saying it when getting outplayed by Toronto Pittsburgh and Florida is pathetic. This team is terrible so why chant it? Its stupid.

    Do you even sports fans?

    Ever hear fans yell at the other teams star players?

    'Hey lundqvist you suck'

    Actually sir, he's quite good.

    What a dumb argument against the you suck.

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