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  1. Kitchen 1 is certainly bigger, but I wouldnt call it better. Its more dated and ugly, but as far as function goes I suppose that doesnt matter.
  2. Thanks for the info. They both have dishwashers. They are both in apartment buildings and companies rent out a block of rooms to lease to business travelers. Most of the people in the complexes are full time residents. They are both ~6 miles from the location. I did find an apartment a mile from the location, but its a duplex with shared washer/dryer and no other amenities. It is also cheaper than these two, and although it is right near the job site, there isnt much going on whereas these two are in a city.
  3. Gotta live in CT for a couple months for work. Both these places are in the same location and they are the same price. They both have pretty meh bathrooms. First one: This one has: -950 sq feet -Mid rise -Ridiculously huge walk in closet -Bigger apartment all around -Balcony -Big, but older style kitchen -Raquet ball, basketball courts on site -Laundry in unit -Pool -42inch TV in living room Second one: This one has: -750 square feet -High rise building (10th Floor) -Kinda cool views of the city -Pool -Newer but smaller kitchen -Smaller apartment overall -32inch TV in living room -Balcony -Walk in closet -Laundry in unit
  4. Thats the only thing making me hesitate. I dont have a 9-5 schedule, so there are a lot of games I might not be able to make, and I dont want selling these tickets to become a major chore. I'd say I'd make it to roughly half depending on my schedule, maybe a few more.
  5. So what'd you end up doing?
  6. Blown01NJ

    Bruce Boudreau

    What do you think?
  7. Jeanerette is awesome, for the record.
  8. Had my tour with Isaac today. Even though I have been to the arena a million times it was still a cool experience, and he took the time to humor all of my questions about the seats etc. Good experience overall, now I just have to decide where I'm going to sit. We looked at 107 and somewhere in the 200s (probably 213ish) Obviously the ones in the corner are the 107s. I sat here for Devils/Rangers playoffs for that series. I like the idea of being center ice, but I do like the lower vantage point of the 107s and its not like being directly behind the net, the view of the other end isn't bad at all compared to something directly behind. I also feel like a 1xx section ticket is going to be more desirable than a 2xx ticket to a potential buyer for games I cant make.
  9. Isaac is also the guy who contacted me. He's been easy to deal with so far. I'm going to check out the seats next week and see what he's still got available. Leaning toward the $28's though. Its worth it for attack twice IMO. By the way whats the story with the supporters section again? Cant find that thread.
  10. I was thinking of going for the corners on the Devs shoot twice side for $28 a piece.
  11. Blown01NJ

    $22 Season Tix?

    Got a call from a Devils rep about seats behind the nets in the 100's going for 22-26 per seat for season tickets. Anyone go for this deal? There are some other perks with it as well.
  12. Carter over Kovy? Notice the lot of D men we have there.
  13. Gross arena, but louder than the rock and theres no arguing that. I was at Devs/Rags last year in that insane game we ended up winning in the SO, and it was loud.
  14. 2nd period is HD now.
  15. Blown01NJ

    No Versus in HD

    Comcast here. VS HD showing in POS SD?
  16. Oh look, Marty taking no responsibility as usual.
  17. Same here. I wanted to cry. Too bad it didnt end the right way.
  18. That one against Montreal still gives me chills.
  19. Hey guys well we suck without Parise. Its not like Pitt was able to win any games without Malkin or Crosby.
  20. We arent making the playoffs man. Accept it.
  21. Tonight is going to be the final nail in the coffin.
  22. Carolina tied the game at 2.
  23. Blown01NJ

    Steve Somers

    I have never listened to him. I am not a big talk radio guy, I just heard him a few times waiting for the Devs broadcast recently. He sounded like an absolute moron.
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