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    Steve Somers

    What is wrong with this guy? Anyone ever hear him on the fan trashing the Devs? Everything he says, not just Devils related, but hockey related is an out and out joke. Guy makes me want to kill people.
  2. Anyone care to offer any insight as to the sizing of these Jerseys on Hockey Outlet? http://www.hockeyoutlet.com/HOprodinfo.php?category=RBKNHLAuthenticJersey&manufacturer=Reebok&productSKU=RBKAuthJrsyNJDRd&producttitle=Reebok It took over a week, but they finally replied to my email question about the 'EURO' sizing. This is what they wrote: Our drop down size selection shows the Euro chest size next to the comparable US chest size and jersey size (Euro 52/US 42/Medium). A Euro size 52 is comparable to a US size 42 which, in general, would be considered a size medium. Thank you for your reply. In the drop down menu for the Reebok Edge Pro Authentic Hockey Jerseys you should see three separate sizing identifiers; 1. European (Euro) sizing (usually between 46 and 60) 2. United States (US) sizing (usually between 36 and 50) 3. Jersey size in terms of small through XX-Large Each line in the drop down box should then look like this; - Euro 46/US 36/XSmall - Euro 50/US 40/Small - Euro 52/US 42/Medium A Euro size 52, therefore, is comparable to a US size 42 which, in general, would be considered a size medium. Please let us know if this helps explain the situation better. Thanks again for your reply. And my reply back to them: Thanks for the reply; I'm aware of what is in the drop down box. Perhaps we aren't on the same page. There is no 'Euro' sizing for RBK Authentic Edge jerseys. They come in sizes 46 through 60. You are the only retailer I have seen advertising 'Euro' sizes. I don't know why that is, but there is no 'US 36' size for this jersey, so I don't know what you are referring to. I have to assume that based on this that the jerseys you are selling must not be RBK Authentic. I have attached a picture showing the sizes of Authentic jerseys, again sizes US 46-60. There is no US 36. I don't mean to be a pain, but if I'm going to spend the money I need to be sure it's the real thing. Thanks, And their response again: Thank you for your reply. We sell the Reebok Authentic jerseys as 'Euro' sizing because, according to numerous clothing conversion/sizing websites, 46 to 60 are the actual size numbers used for determining European mens chest sizes. US mens chest sizes are actually determined using sizes 36 through 50. A US mens chest size 46 is generally considered to be an X-Large in all other forms of shirt type garments. If a size 46 authentic jersey is sold as the smallest size available in that item, any US male that wears a size small, medium or even large shirt would pretty much be excluded from being able to wear the jersey. Seeing that that is obviously incorrect, we decided to do the proper conversions to better help our domestic customers make a better informed decision as to what size will properly fit them. Make no mistake, though, these are real Reebok NHL Authentic Hockey Jerseys. We hope this answers your questions to your satisfaction. Should you have any further questions, please feel free to ask. Am I being retarded here?
  3. We have the lowest GF in the league, by a lot.
  4. Listen I love this team and I'll support them until the end, but lets be honest, no playoffs this year.
  5. Kovy has been crap last couple games. Hopefully Lou will see the scoring problems this team has and not let Zach go at all costs.
  6. Why the fvck is Taormina still on the roster? Tards at EA.
  7. Jesus. No HD, and disgusting video and audio quality on ch 710 for comcast users. Very annoying. Feels like Im in the early 90s
  8. Also found this site for Authentics. http://www.jerseyexpress.com/nhl/new-jersey-devils-jerseys/rbk-edge-authentic-new-jersey-devils-home-jersey-6.html
  9. Does the $55 at Exclusive Pro include the numbers/name or is that just the fee for the labor?
  10. That site says they are authencic I dont know how reliable they are, but river city sports has them for 150, so it doesnt seem unrealistic.
  11. Ugh, Rivercitysports.com has a bunch of authentics for 150, but no Devs. Edit: Anyone know anything about this site? http://www.hockeyoutlet.com/HOprodinfo.php?category=RBKNHLAuthenticJersey&manufacturer=Reebok&productSKU=RBKAuthJrsyNJDRd&producttitle=Reebok Edge Pro Authentic NHL Hockey Jersey Senior - NEW JERSEY DEVILS RED&product=Reebok Edge Pro Authentic NHL Hockey Jersey Senior - NEW JERSEY DEVILS RED&help=SIZING#1 The pictures show the tag on the front that the Premier Jerseys have, so I dont know if these are actually authentic. If they are though, $200. Are these the same jerseys current players are wearing? I dont know the difference with 1.0/2.0 etc.
  12. How does it work, we have him now for 2 more years pending a trade?
  13. Lol Manta, why are you even on this board.
  14. Damn, almost $400 when its said and done? Thats crazy.
  15. Simply the worst possible night.
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