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  1. Do you even sports fans? Ever hear fans yell at the other teams star players? 'Hey lundqvist you suck' Actually sir, he's quite good. What a dumb argument against the you suck.
  2. Kinkaid was going to be in net tomorrow regardless of the result tonight
  3. Shut up with your 'too good' for the chant bullsh!t. YOU SUCK
  4. Hey board owners, thanks for not ruining this place like HF. I cant even go there anymore because of the fvcking ads. Intrusive, popping up in your face etc. Its disgusting. I get that you need ads, but don't make them so fvcking annoying that people cant even go to your site anymore. Go try reading HF on your phone...Id rather punch myself in the dick repeatedly. Anyway
  5. Lost in the mix is the semi retarded girl in the orange sweater doing her weird shuffle burger dance down the street. Keep an eye out if you want to be even more enraged. It's terrible.
  6. When did Cammo lose those teeth?
  7. Another one is the Slomins shield commercial. Not nearly as annoying, but WTF does that guy say when they show the number to call. They bleep it or something. Nobody can understand wtf they are trying to say. If it's supposed to be funny it's a major failure.
  8. The blonde in the end with the 'joy joy JOY!' line is fvcking infuriating. I want to strangle her. So dumb.
  9. The gate reincarnated. But worse.
  10. I am somewhere where they have dish network. Can I watch this game??
  11. I heard LOUD you suck chants on the radio after the larsson goal
  12. Gionta out there with a minute left. Good job Pete.
  13. Looks like Septa doesn't go right from Trenton to suburban station. I have to get off at 30th st to transfer anyway
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