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  1. My main gripe with Chico is that he talks too much.
  2. Rolston should have buried one there. Too bad he's a lefty.
  3. Are you a retard? Langenbrunner gave us many good years and was a good leader. I feel bad that his 1k game wasnt in NJ, but I wish him success in Dallas. Good for him.
  4. A true Devil. Wish him luck in the rest of his career.
  5. Protip: If you dont hear anything, you lost.
  6. I was on the fire Lemaire bandwagon last year too. I hated his complaicent attitude after losses, but at this point anything is better than Mac.
  7. http://www.nj.com/devils/index.ssf/2010/12/devils_fire_coach_john_maclean.html Oh sh!t! From NJ.com "John MacLean's short and rocky tenure as Devils coach has come to an end. MacLean, who coached the injury-riddled team to an NHL-worst 20 points and 9-22-2 record, is expected to be replaced on an interim basis by former coach Jacque Lemaire, an NHL official confirmed. The official requested anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the decision. "
  8. Pretty great so far. I cant help but like Bylsma and BB, and think how JMac definitely doesnt do any of that in the locker room.
  9. I started him every game so far. He was my number 1 pick. It's an ESPN league, and he had a total of 50 points. He was the worst point getter on my entire team. Every LW I have is better than him, and I was tired of wasting points and losing games because of him. I almost dropped him actually. There are plenty of LWs available with more points than him.
  10. Of COURSE I benched Kovy tonight on my fantasy team.
  11. Also if we had Crosby, Nash, Stamkos and Ovechkin.
  12. Blown01NJ

    Our Fans

    The crowd last night was one of the worst I've witnessed. It was dead in there. I heard Montreal fans SCREAMING and our crowd was just dead silent. The building had zero energy from the start, including on the ice. It was one of the worst games Ive been to.
  13. NOOOOOO!!! Perfect chance for Kovy!!!!!! Im sorry, I like Kovy, but a big game player buries that.
  14. Nobody in the slot there. Thank god for moose.
  15. He's got much better hands than Gio.
  16. Can we trade Zajac for a real center?
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