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  1. Which would you rather drive? My lease is up on my Audi and I think Im going to get one of these very soon.



    2010 Lexus IS 250 AWD Auto Black/Black

    -Nav, HIDs, heated/vent seats, auto wipers, turning headlights the whole 9

    Inception fees only, they make my last 2 payments on the Audi, and right now Im at $425/month. Absolutely phenomenal deal, but Im going to try to squeeze a bit more out of them before I sign if I choose the Lexus.




    2010 Infiniti G37s Coupe RWD- Graphite Grey/Dark grey interior

    -Nav, HIDs, heated seats, no auto wipers, no vent seats

    Inception fees only, they make my last 2 Audi payments as well. $460/month and I havent worked on negotiating at all yet, so Im confident I can chip away at it.

    Overall the Lexus inside feels more polished. Everything is plush and soft, and it has more features. Its extremely quiet inside and more luxurious. Of course there is the Automatic, and 204hp thing.

    The G coupe is a much more inspired driving experience, not quite as nice and comfy inside, but pretty nice nonetheless. Lacks some features, RWD will suck for winter, and because its a coupe its about $200 more /year to insure. The payment is also a bit higher. Once negotiating is done it will probably be a ~$50 higher payment.

    What say you?

  2. Talked hockey for a few minutes with Al Trautwig last night. He was definitely a little sauced, but he kept referring to the Kovalchuk deal as 14 years. :doh1:

    You host a HOCKEY show for god's sake. Anyway we BSed about the Devils/Rangers for a bit, talked about the salary cap, his dislike of long contracts in any sport, and a few other things.

    Was pretty cool. Nice guy.

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